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There are only as many as you buy, simples

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I'm 39, my generation of gamers have been waitng all our lives for this! Not sure how I feel about shooting them though, I would rather use stealth to evade them and hide, or the odd wallop with a bat over the head, point blank headshots seems a bit grim

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Gotham Knights? LOL

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he's not old, just grey

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I'll wait a few months, price drop plus some patches.

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COD and FIFA are the game equivalents of movies like Black Adam and Thor, they draw the big crowd, they pander to mediocrity. Some people literally have consoles and only ever buy those two games, I know loads of people who wouldn't know what A Plague Tale is for instance. Its a shame but money and volume speak.

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cat. get it?
I'll also leave.

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Awesome game, defined the 360 era. Its a shame what happend really.

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me neither, people think that everyone does the same thing, I've never been on ANY social media platforms and people look at me like I'm an alien, GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA PEOPLE

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Looks good, bit pricey though

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It's announced but they're still writing it? Could be a while then

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"Sega Enterprises' spectacular fall from grace during the course of the 1990s remains a tragic spectacle of overconfidence and woefully misguided business practice".

Sound familiar?

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Let me guess, you is a XBOT!!!

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'Lets not fight, lets be friends' said the weakling to the massive strong giant.

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Its not a war, its a massacre, there are two consoles competing for the crown and a kids toy that's in a league of its own, literally. Xbox have destroyed and flogged dead 1st party IP's while Sony have gone from strength to strength with older and new IP's, its passionate devs vs greedy idiots and there's only ever one winner there. Sony and the Playstation brand are still proving themselves to be THE BEST. Halo 5 and Gears 4? Gimme a break! Horizon Zero Dawn, God Of War, Eve...

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5 minute photoshop job!!

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They could sort that out a bit by having the perspective in the pic a bit more appropriate, have Joel closest to the camera and Ellie in the background leaning back. In this pic she looks almost as big as him which isn't helping,

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Looks decent, fairly standard.

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We? Are you a Sony employee?

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