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Microsoft seen this coming, its why they allowed Sony buy into an alliance with this stale series.

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Ps4 pro is ps4 with another $400 price tag and nothing to show for it. Slightly improved graphics on A FEW games is not worth another 400bux. No one will have any reason to regret not buying that money grab...

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PS4 absolutely does NOT have a vast diverse library of console exclusives from the east and west. It has a bunch of weird Japanese crap no one plays, from the east, and a few Xbox live arcade games that are on Playstation this go round, from the west, its trash, why do people keep claiming that console has so much going for it in the games department when there is literally nothing worth playing on it this holiday that i cant play on an Xbox?

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Id rather have rumble in the triggers than that useless speaker and TouchPad. Not to mention all the 1st party variations you can get the XBOS controller in.

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Oh please, where Playstion is concerned, variety is just code for, a bunch of low budget niche games that mostly suck, because they don't have the cash to put out to many AAA games or AAA new IPs.

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Good points, however; you don't need to sell 200 million consoles to make money on these consoles. That 200 million goal is the OLD goal, that was before launch. Since then, Microsoft has completely changed their approach. The goal is not to sell lots of consoles, beat PS4, and make tons of money off Xbox. Instead, the goal is to strengthen the Windows eco system and market presence, using a self sustaining division such as Xbox and its user base. Microso...

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No custom assets? So sony did just enough to look good in the headlines. No they can read ps4 allows mods. What a sleazy company.

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Oh no, here we go, you guys are turning that very annoying CrapGamer fellow into an oracle. All the media and devs racing to profess suddenly resolution and power don't matter now that Sony is at the disadvantage...

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Comment of the day! Could not have said it better.

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Recore was actually pretty good too, underrated for sure. So what can we look forward to on PS4 this holiday? Hello? anyone there?

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They have always been full of it, PS fans lost all credibility last gen, this gen most adults around here know they are just a bunch of phonies. If Sony had a UHD Blue-ray player, and Xbox didn't, they would all be saying this is THE defining feature and xbox is doomed because it doesn't have one and Microsoft is evil and greedy for not adding it. LOL! We all see through them now, but yeah sometimes you just need to point it out I understand.

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LOL!!! all these goofs in here saying 4k Bluray doesn't matter and no one wants it. Believe me, if you just got a new 4k TV, you want all the content you can get, and pretty soon every new TV sold will be 4k, soooooo, yeah just saying....

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Microsoft is playing dumb, because it would be political suicide for them to say what they know. And what they know is that PS4 Pro was a cash grab at a time when Sony overall needs cash bad. They have a huge and irrationally loyal group of millions of fans who would line up to buy a box of poop if it has playstaion written on it.
The higher ups at Sony simply said you need to get more cash out of these consumers, so we got a halfbaked cheap re-release of PS4, made with cost cutting ...

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Correction, if you like a good variety of great games with lasting replayability go for XBO, if you like low budget indie games that you can also play on your phone, or weird niche Japanese games that no one else plays, go for Ps4. The game drought continues this holiday on PS4 by the way.

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You may as well wait for Scorpio, by the time Ps4 Pro gets any decent games with 4k and real HDR baked in, scorpio will have been out at least a year...

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