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Don't doubt. Bunch of major firms issued a buy on Activision stock when it was previously hold rated. It's going through

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Yeah I don't care. Playstation pays to keep ff7 off xbox?? That's cool, Microsoft can play that game

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So your saying they have 250 million subscribers at 1$ each for a year? Last I checked the subscriber count is 25 million plus. Lot of an chair analysts here who don't know how to count.

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I did. I get like 15$ of game pass points monthly its addicting. I did the tutorial but will come back to finish the game way later

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Did you mean to say that halo infinite's issues would remain.... infinite?

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Why would you spend double on a subscription. You can't be that I'll informed. Type gold onto Google and just grab a deal.

They're you go. You're welcome. Right there 6 months for around 30 cad. And then you can upgrade that to ultimate. I did that for 3 years and spent 110$ ...

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But what about the ps5 ssd... I thought it was the only system capable of running such a beast of a game?

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Actually I'm good I have gamepass ultimate so I get games every few days. I understand though it would matter more for playstation users if they had a game dropped from ps plus because most of the user base does not subscribe to ps plus extra so they would notice it way more.

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I don't care how much it costs. No e3 killing the industry. Fat less exciting than these random short useless conferences

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What did you say

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Actually no I paid 110$ cad for 3 years of gamepass ultimate. And then split with a friend to share gamepass between 2 consoles. So it's actually 55$ for 3 years. So yeah it's not 15$ a month.

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Actually probably not. You need talent. Not money. I would recommend they keep acquiring studios

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Don't your dare mention RE4 with that dirty mouth. Don't even compare last of us to RE4. RE4 is a full remake. Not the remaster treatment last of us gets and it released 2003 and remastered for xbox one ps4 years later and a wii port. It's Not developed in 2013 like last of us.

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The price is very relevant to a game. Look at Alan wake remaster. Released for 30 cad. Was acceptable because of the price. But this as being a full price game? Naughty dog got lazy and greedy and really taking advantage of the Sony fan base

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Way better. I just paid 100$ cad for 3 years of gamepass ultimate and then split with my friend to share gamepass which costs a total of 50$ cad. So yeah it is better.

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How is that a good move. They will not gain exclusive from this move. They literally just bought some shares lol

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No it's not are you kidding. You got a ps5 tell me you got something better to play than triple remake game. Ughhhh

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