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I get reminded how many sick people there are in this world. So..the author wrote 'CHILD of eden review- DEFLOWER HER' ...that is disgusting! Mods, deal with this please. I cant believe the filth people write for hits...

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I dont care what its called, I want MGS5.

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No damage to passanger cars? The race car licences for damage are easier to obtain. . . .but I hope theres damage for every car.

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:( ,but night driving and wheather RAWX!

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Just triple that for JRPGs and western RPGs.

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Did I say it influences weather or not its a better game? The stupidity on N4G,Just gets better and better

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you'd be very old right now.. . Really doubt you'd cry over this.If you were 20 in 2000 when they 1st announced it,you'd be 29 now.Either way,lol im sure life would go on without Duke Nukem

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Infamous's whole map,how big is it? Is it bigger than GTA 4s? And Protype,how big is the map?they say NYC. . . .But. .its not going to be all of it.

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Fail lol

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Their continuing the PS360 ver? . . . .pc? . . . .cuz. . .Im sure I know the DS and PSP ver are still on track.1st place I ever played a Duke game,instead of doing work in computers class in the 4th grade,I was playin Duke Nukem lol until I got busted lmao man,. . That was years ago and on Windows 3,1 FTW!

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If you decided right now,you had to play 1 game for the next 5 hours non stop,what would you play?final fantasy 7 or Unreal Tournement 3 campaign? See. . .I know graphics imerse us . . .but remember the good ol days. . .where jrpgs didnt have voice acting?where it was all about your version of the game.what did your Cloud sound like to you?maybe. . If this games story was as epic as FF7 or 8. . .graphics wont matter.Dont get me wrong though,if KZ2 had the same multiplayer with KZ1 graphics. ....

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I really believe it was never their intention after a few years ago to release it.I think they scrapped it and just didnt tell us.if a company goes down (midway eg) ,they know it a while before it happens. . .3D Realms gave us that clip last year. . . . .i dont think its real.its a theory. . .but I think. .they were hoping a big company,Sony,Msft or EA. . .Would pick up publishing rights and then they would finish the the other 90% of it.maybe. .they were hoping msft or sony would p...

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Ive been waiting forever and Im playing GT:P all the time,I want this game so bad.sad thing is. . . .ouch for me,Ive got 6 exams this month,and I have to go through them 1st. Damn :(

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The story arc for Duke Nukem will never end.maybe its true.maybe its not.All I know,is this guy worked there in 1996,the game was real.after 2000,that crap was vaporware.and I grew out of wanting to play it.

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Ps3 fans (not fanboys) ,xbox 360 fans (not fanboys) ,lets just get along.Lifes too short for this bs

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time with the demo.what you can,cant do.controls. Etc. Ok guys? Thanks in advance. Is there a continuous day/night cycle like GTA?

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Seeing as I grew up with Ghostbusters and Back To The Future ,Im picking this game and blu ray up. So nostalgic. Mmm. . .wow,read the comments,cant believe nobody mentioned anything about crossing the streams XD

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Physics are a funny thing,its only as good as the charts,information you get given.things like drag etc,Turn 10 obtained from car manufacturers.and. . . .umm. .are you playing the same Forza 2 I am? Clearly they were lied to and given bogus info on cars.the thing they nailed the best was the weight distribution and inertia of the turns.but my car is in the game, 97 Bmw M3. And. . .it handles nothing like FM2. GT doesnt have the physics engine complexity that FM2 has,but. . .they programmed th...

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But,I remember playing NFS underground and loving it.In fact,I finished it 8-9 times.after that. . . . . .woa. . .that was a long fall down.

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I dont want to buy it,see its a complete rip off of GT. . . .But,theres only 70cars. and then another 5 later for DLC.cuz GT:P has alotta cars for a demo.

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