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Is EA Access free? I thought it had a monthly fee? Amazing if it's a free service

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More nonsense.

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Lack of games. Sad.

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What a crock

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Or it makes my PC/ PS4 combo make more sense. I like that MS is bringing all games to PC. No need to buy an Xbox console now.

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I have a superior PC and PS4. Why would I?

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Did no one read the article on Digitalfoundry? It's suggests that neither console can massively out power the other based on available hardware. Only way is a huge R+D spend with bespoke components. Hugely unlikely for either company.
Other than that, both will use AMD new system on chip, and that means very close power. No one will risk a massive spend with no guarantee of selling advantage.

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Did anyone read the Digital Foundry article on how it doesn't make financial sense that one can jump ahead of the other on power, based on tech actually available? Would involve huge costs, with no guarantee of better return

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Just think Power Up, as in its the top one. Duh? What a moron.

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I've just replayed the first 3 ( Remastered). I can't rate 4 as I'm on chapter 15 of 4( it will be up there . superior to the others in most ways so far).
4. Uncharted 1
3. Uncharted GA
2. Uncharted 2
1. Uncharted 3.
4 with either be 1 or 2 but my son puts 3 above it already. I don't right now.
Having played them back to back last few weeks, 3 is definitely better than 2.
2 made more of impact because the leap from...

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It's excellent. Hour in and I'm happy as hell. Souch has happened. It's looks great , but more importantly, it's engaging

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Not had a trigger issue at all. Have 4 DS4s but one has start of analogue stick issues( launch pad)

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My 360 was L4D machine
It was OK. No PlayStation though ( any of them).
It's so Vanilla by comparison

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No , it's not. It's doing OK. It is underperforming, barely beating 360 and behind PS3( which was called a failure). PS4 is a monster , and that makes it look worse.

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Dreamcast did internet first. Xbox 360 did it well. Let's not have revisionist history again.

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Overrated feature by far. Early PlayStations had it and it was rarely used. I used it twice in 2 generations. This gen I have PS4 and PS3. Haven't used my PS3. It's set up in another room with my sons PS4. Neither of us has used it. Maybe for XB1 , due to a lower amount of games (80 less last year I believe. Gap probably be bigger this year). Since the advent of online ,byheh can see how little it's used. If you care that much, why didn't you keep 360?

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I've read some bilge on here but that must have been written by someone under 20( who is also an idiot). Nonsense .

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Even better than phone option I said. Sony Tablet

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Best Remote play is a Z3 or newer big screen phone and a DS4. I've done both that and Vita. Can't beat DS4 and better res screen

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