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Highly agree there should be more indian killing action but unfortunately in todays PC world that will probably never happen.

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GTA IV was and still is amazing. The story of the poor immigrant rising to the top of the crime world a la Scarface was so awesome. Plus they had the mafia element with Ray Boccino and the other guy Phil. Also loved murdering Vlad and Mikhail Faustin. Doing drug runs for Little Jacob and Bad Man were fun as hell.The options to kill someone or let them live and how it affected the missions later in the game. Just sitting on a bridge at night and seeing the city all lit up, just breathtaking. T...

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Yeah...because all developers have unlimited budgets and no deadlines...jesus christ dude. Rockstar is an exception...not the rule.

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They shipped back unsold units to brand them with the "project scorpio" insignia with hopes they will actually sell.

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Game already went gold

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For me personally...the climbing feels more realistic in Tomb Raider compared to Uncharted. That is one thing the TR devs absolutely nailed. Now only if the story in TR was as good as Uncharted games. On a side note...I enjoyed the latest TR movie and I am very excited for the new game.

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Whoever they are...they may not want to hold their breath. The system already has amazing AAA games and with Dark Souls and Smash Brothers releasing this year, sales are going to skyrocket.

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No...they are not happy with the sales of those IPs specifically actually. Bethesda invested a lot in remaking Wolfenstein, Doom and Prey. They invested heavily in the Dishonored IP. They are not happy with the financial returns on the games.

Fallout and Elder Scrolls are their bread and butter so to speak. Let's hope they don't abandon the other underperforming IPs but I would not rule that out. They are in business to make huge profits.

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Because playing Mario Kart Deluxe portable is quite addicting.

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Agree. Plus who the hell would complain about bigger online communities?Crossplay will inevitably add longevity to online games and that is a good thing!

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Well said. I have all current gen and last gen systems. I could and have played this on my PS Pro but i got it on Switch for portability.

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I agree. They should do what ND did with Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy.

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I love what the Coalition did with Gears 4 so this is auto day one for me. Gears 4 had a fun single player campaign that was very polished and enjoyable. Can't wait for this.

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Agree. I'm running around in Modern Warfare Remastered as a black woman and i think it's hilarious. I do understand Battlefield is more realistic. However, just enjoy the gameplay and be glad we have the Battlefield franchise.

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Well i thought the tent presentation out of Last of Us 2 was a nice touch. Spiderman, Ghost of Tsushima, Last of Us 2, Dreams and Death Stranding blow any exclusive on X Box One X away by miles. Its almost like Sony games are a generation ahead of anything on the One X. Hell, God of War 4 destroys anything from the entire One X catalogue lol. Is this author on drugs? And are u smoking what he has? You fan boys are grasping at straws like always. Keep eating crow while Sony absolutely trounc...

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Nioh has amazing tactical hack and slash gameplay. It is very challenging but also very fun and rewarding. The only gameplay component that I do not like is how the coop is limited to that item the player needs to consume and it seems fairly hard to come by. Other than that...I love it and glad I bought it day one. As a matter of fact, I still need to finish it. Too many amazing games to keep up with at the moment.

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Well made games that are also fun to play usually do well. I personally had no plans to buy either game but I'm glad I did. Really like the setting in both Assasins Creed Origins and Far Cry 5.

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Agreed. First game was short but very good. A bigger more fleshed out world is all the game really needed to make it great. Day one for me personally.

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Thanks for the spoiler btw....Im at Light of Alfheim or whatever it is called which i know is still early but the game feels a little on the boring side. I am assuming it is like Last of Us and gets better and better with a big payoff at the end but im just a bit disappointed. Especially the couple boss fights felt very scripted. I still like it....though I think Santa Monica should have gone with an Egyptian setting rather than Norse. However...I will reserve judgment until I finish the game...

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Reminds me of the glaive from Dark Sector...which should be added to Xbox One BC by now...christ.

Still need to finish God of War...good game but did not grab me like I was hoping.

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