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While I find the numerous pre-order bonuses frustrating as well, I would hardly consider a couple different skins and weapons "lots of content." These are apparently for Germany though, so maybe North America's will be different. We shall see I suppose.

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Eh, I don't really mind the planet scanning too much. I find it almost zen-like at times, especially with that kickass tune playing in the background. That being said, I am really glad you start out with 50,000 of each element once you start up another playthrough. I definitely wouldn't want to start from scratch every damn time.

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I really dug the Ebony Armor, although I wish I didn't have to take it off whenever a non-enemy was around for fear of inadvertently turning him/her hostile. Oh well.

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...pretty sure he's not half Mojave.

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"...adding elements from the indie scene..."


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If you wanted to ignore her, why didn't you? Even if you let her on your ship, you could still ignore her. Besides Traynor mentioning her name a couple times, Allers is pretty much nonexistent. I just wonder why people are bitching about a character that can, at worst, take up very little of their time.

As for your final point, it doesn't take a genius to realize she probably isn't that important. She's a character (poorly) ...

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I don't understand the outrage with Diana Allers. She's completely ignorable. If you don't like it, don't allow her on your ship.

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Considering that confidence in Bioware seems to be at an all time low, DA3 is going to be met with serious scrutiny and skepticism. No pressure, guys.

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That's exactly my point. If an ending needs more content just to make sense of things, then to me that's a crappy ending.

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Didn't one of the Bioware guys promise an ending that wasn't just "A, B, or C?" Huh.

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If it needs epilogues, how can it be a good ending?

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Holy shite, that just made my day. Conrad's reaction when he activates the Crucible is absolutely priceless.

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I don't often say this here, but this was a very good read - well written and entertaining. Anyhoo, I was always irritated with the Council's reluctance to believe/trust Shepard, especially concerning the Reapers' existence after Sovereign attacked the Citadel. You were THERE dammit!!

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Is it just me, or are there a lot fewer actual dialogue options in ME3? I felt like there was more dialogue that didn't involve my input than in the previous 2.

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I definitely see a ton of vanguards playing. Oh well, my engineer is an assist machine, so as long as we are doing well as a team I can't complain.

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Well, I don't think there are any games/series I care about as much as Mass Effect, so, yup I'm still pretty disappointed.

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How exactly was the leveling system in Skyrim convoluted? It was really pretty simple, especially if you played Oblivion.

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You think the gameplay sucks, therefore you give it a 9.5? Uh, what?

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I think both versions would look way cooler without Shepard on the front. I'd much rather just see the pretty background.

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Well this is definitely good news. The AC soundtracks are all top notch.

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