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I'm ridiculously interested in this title, but a cool idea and a slick trailer alone don't really prove that the risk is worth it. One can't really accurately make that judgement until there is a finished product.

But hot damn this game looks incredible.

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Agreed. While it doesn't have to be fast paced fun or dumb, mindless fun, it has to be enjoyable on some level. If I want a good story and nothing else, I'll read a book.

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One article I saw mentioned something about the character's growing post traumatic stress disorder. That had better not be the new malaria. Otherwise though, I'm pretty damn pumped about this game.

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How is he whiny? The article seems pretty lighthearted to me.

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"...with the characters ending up with silly looks on their faces."

Uh, how is that any different than real sex?

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Sweet baby jesus, this is going to be a hell of a good time.

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Haha yup. Nothing beats a healthy dose of self-entitlement.

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Quit buggin. Everybody knows what they mean when they say RDR2.

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With all these new classes/powers/weapons being added to the multiplayer, I think it's time they do something similar for single player. They don't even have to create entirely new classes. I'd be reasonably satisfied with new weapons and bonus powers.

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Hmm well I suppose that's a pretty good point. Hopefully they properly address why/how Leviathan is able to go rogue.

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Well that logic works both ways. Theoretically, my favorite game of all time could come out of one of these franchises.

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Why? If you don't like a franchise then don't buy those games. It's a very simple concept.

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I don't understand anyone's desire to see a franchise go away. If I don't like a franchise I simply don't play it.

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Ah well fair enough. My point still stands though - it's a list sorted by (general) release date, not by hype or quality.

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Your ability to discern fairly obvious details is shit. The list is pretty clearly organized by release date.

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That was my most regrettable purchase on PS2 as well. It was really hyped up and I bought it on day one, increasing the sting of disappointment.

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Hell yeah. Any excuse for more galactic map is a good excuse in my book.

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I hear ya dude. I didn't really like finding out at the end of MGS4 that he's still alive. I just thought it was stupid. Oh well.

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What? The MGS games and MG games are definitely part of the same continuity.

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