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Why is this such giant news? I thought it was decent overall, but the gameplay was really pretty mediocre.

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Well I suppose I should clarify my earlier comment. I'm not bashing Dead Island. In fact, I'm about 25 hours in and enjoying the hell out of it. If a game is really buggy (frustratingly so at times), though, I'd have a hard time putting it at the very top of my favorites list for the entire year.

I suppose Fallout 3 could be an exception for me, although I was fortunate enough not to experience too many crippling bugs, minus the occasional freeze which always p...

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So one of your GOTY choices has so many bugs that you can't finish until it gets patched? That would take it right out of the running for me.

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People always seem to commend this game for its heart and soul and the character interactions. While I agree that this was the games strength, the bottom line is that it wasn't that fun to play. Oh well, I won't really miss the franchise.

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I've been drooling over this game for a while. At last, the wait is almost over!

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I haven't seen Source Code yet, but I absolutely loved Moon. Hell yeah he'd be awesome.

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"so basically if i want to have a cool battle expect to pick up alot of crap that i don't want sense it wont show up on my screen pickup ____ hit x ty again ugh."

Say what?

Seriously, this entire post is a mess.

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I feel like these most annoying lists are getting pointless. With the exception of maybe one or two inclusions, they're all predictably the same.

Anyway, I'd probably replace Raiden with Rose. Ugh every time she whined about their relationship I wanted to smack her in the head. Bitch I'm trying to save the world!!!

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It's going to be a long two weeks waiting for The Heist.

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I'm about 25 hours in on the PS3. I've heard of others having problems, but I personally have not had many. I lost about 15 minutes worth of gameplay towards the beginning but that's about it.

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I don't personally care much about the trophies. I understand that some others feel differently, but it bothers me when people completely dismiss a game just based on the lack of trophy support. Refusing to play a game just because there aren't trophies is unbelievably stupid.

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I think you're supposed to choose your battles. Your character isn't a super-powered juggernaut, so sometimes it's better to avoid conflict altogether. If that's not your style, just spam the hell out of the jump kick. The game would be waaay harder without it.

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Do you have to comment on every damn review complaining about the bugs? We get it - you're dealing with crappy bugs in a game you paid good money for, and that blows, but it's getting a bit tiresome.

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I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't really fit into the main game at all. Oh well, I still look forward to this.

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Then just use a regular controller. Derp.

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I feel like the biggest advantage the mouse has over the move is how is rests on a flat surface, making it easy to keep it completely still if you need to. Since the move is held in the air, I think it's really hard to avoid a bit of shaking on screen.

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Me too. Then I got burned because of the damn Blu Ray. I figured I'd be alright considering all the marketing referred to it as a DVD. Oh well, Demonoid to the rescue!

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Hell yeah, I really like the Deus Ex soundtrack. As for the rest of the year, I expect nothing short of excellence out of the AC Brotherhood and Skyrim soundtracks.

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I love the Revelations Cg trailer as well. The music is absolutely perfect and it just looks super gorgeous. All 3 games' CG trailers are top notch though.

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I could be wrong, but I thought it was just the single player campaign that they were releasing.

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