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I play Cold War on the PC and almost every match it's just me and all console players, but trust me there are plenty of cheaters on consoles as well. It's definitely worse on PC. There is Cronus Zen (Was so popular it was backordered for a while) that lets you cheat on consoles that is undetectable. People think cheaters on console is extremely rare, they are misinformed. Sucks people cheat and ruin for everyone.

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How is Battlefront 2 not on here?

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Crysis remastered for me.

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Sekiro and it's not even close.

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Looks Awesome, usually not a fan of white, but it works here. Advertisement was cool as well.

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This. I have heard it is jaw dropping as far as the visuals.

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Most phone plans add the price of the phone to your monthly payment so you do not pay it all at once. A phone is a necessity, this is a toy basically.

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The PC.

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And yet the PC will still out perform all the next gen consoles as usual.

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You seriously have no clue what you are talking about, and what is anumation? LOL. Let me guess Greyzone 2 is better right? LMAO. Fantards these days are sooo sad.

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Agreed. That game is amazing! Never played anything so intense.

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Same and I gave it a good run over 150 hours, but could not finish the last DLC. I am glad people like it but I just got tired of all the dialogue and once I played the souls games (I know they are much different) I just lost interest in that game.

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You forgot Death Stranding.

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This game needs a remake!

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Totally agree and I was really looking forward to this.

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Considering who is developing this, NO, NO and NO.

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4 is great and 7 is not RE.

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LOL. You can't change it on the Sony website and every other game service has had this feature for years. An absolute joke it took them this long.

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Never played GOW III but MGS Rising is amazing!

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