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Sony has never lost a generation vs MS. PS3 outsold the 360 in the end. That was Sony worst console and it still did over 80 million

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Lol what? Ghost is a PS4 game so comparing it to a next gen game isn't fair.

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Because GodFall wasn't made by a great Sony studio. It also depends on how much development it had. Just imagine what a first party PS5 game will look Like.

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This is the best news for a Sports game. Sony will bank in cash from this selling on Xbox and Switch.

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Huge news! Sony is finally making something everyone can enjoy.

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Hopefully not or I'll be waiting for huge discounts. I'm not buying broken third party games for $80. No game is worth $70-$80 anyway.

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Exclusives. Playing both Spyro and Crash changed everything.

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#1 Horizon Zero Dawn #2 Spider-man #3 GOW #4 BloodBorne #5 Uncharted 4 #6 Days Gone #7 Infamous second son# 8 The last guardian #9 Gravity Rush #10 Ratchet & Clank.

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So glad the partnership with Nintendo ended.

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This is one of the reasons I love getting older games. PS+ can breath life back into it. It helps support a game which didn't get much attention or is dying.

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2019 wasn't better than 2018 but it was still a very good year. Days Gone is my favorite PS4 game this year and 2020 looks to be hella good.

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Yea and I bet you Marc Cerny and yoshida are playing on the PS5. This isn't surprising

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Thank you PlayStation for all of the awesome memories.

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Congrats to Nintendo

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No thanks. Why would I buy more useless junk around my house? Just get a gaming PC and play all kinds of games including xboxs.

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PS5 launch could be huge if it releases in Nov 2020 with COD BO5 and first party games. Add along BC for older games and it should be a great start.

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How about you hit a stable 60fps first? Or hell even 30fps.

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Not a very exciting feature IMO. Why would I game on Xbox when I can just stay on PC? Mainly every game is cross play now so you don't need a console unless it got exclusives and that's what makes Sony and Nintendo unique. I don't see MS selling consoles that much next gen with PC becoming really popular.

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I'm not worried with Sony. All they have to do is put out a powerful system for the right price and just give us AAA games. With an improved controller and faster UI I can't see why it won't be leading next generation. MS announcing Indies or AA games means nothing against trustworthy AAA developers that Sony owns.

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