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The best handhelds imo are the DS and PSP

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Not even better than the GameCube. Let's hold on that thought for a min

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Lame. Sony haven't even revealed the console yet or the features. Let's also not for forget about the actual upcoming games and power

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That's the same way I feel about playstation. I wanna keep my GOW, Uncharted and Horizon on PlayStation platforms.

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Well if it sells it sells

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Port begging is ridiculous. Atlus obviously has a deal with Sony and that's why it haven't been ported yet. They've been working with Sony for a while now. Why not buy the system and play it? You can find deals of a PS4 for $199.

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I will gladly pay $500. That seems like the perfect price point. It worked for the XB1X.

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2020 is looking like 2018! Can't wait for this and the other 3 anticipated exclusives

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The genius who created the beautiful powerful PS4 ❤

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Ewww please no. You gotta stop drinking that EA juice.

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Waiting to see how Nintendo fanboys defend this one. I thought they loved paying $60 for old games.

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Yes please this would be cool

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Doesn't take much to improve on what the first game horribly did. I would lmao if it isn't better.

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No thanks I like my console having some kind of value to it. That's what makes a Nintendo console special. Stop trying to devalue consoles because one company is freely throwing games anywhere.

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I was insanely mad about this when I first heard it, but if Sony wants to do then I'll just game on PC only next-gen. No reason for a Xbox or PS. I can gladly wait 1-2 years. Why spend $500 on a console when I can just get a PC? This could kill consoles. Just my opinion though. You can disagree or agree.

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By not buying their $500 con sole and years of PS+ extra controllers and store content.

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If Sony follows MS in allowing HZD on PC the screw both PS and Xbox I'll be PC only next gen.

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