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I think if Valve, were to make a console, they would definitely expand their manpower for 1st party titles. I think the problem Valve faces is that of their titles already being multiplatform releases. Imagine the outrage if their games became exclusive to one system. Plus, being multiplatform makes them a good deal of extra money.

I am 99% sure that Valve would push for PC exclusive titles to be compatible with the "Steambox", and it wouldn't be too big of an i...

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Street date was broken at several places. There have been streams, and a number of people on other forums have early copies too.

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"I think in order for Valve to become successful in the console market they need to produce more games. Their minimalistic approach worked on Steam because it was the only hub for games at the time on PC and developers were more than willing to have their games hosted there, but in order for Valve to compete with MS and Sony, we need to see more games being developed by Valve and not the 1 game every 2 years deal they do."


Half-Life 2: Episode ...

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"Not always, and not when you want to buy at launch."

GreenManGaming basically has pre-order prices for Steamworks games covered. Got Sleeping Dogs for $36 and Borderlands 2 for $40, both pre-orders.

Also, Steam and Amazon sales are always going to be better than what you can find used on consoles, which is why the lack of used games doesn't really matter on PC.

There is honestly no reason PC would ever need used games, or benef...

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"This bundle is not supposed to save them - especially if people keep paying 5$ for it.

What it is supposed to do is build an established relationship with you as a customer: THQ was nice to you and offered some great games from their back catalog. All you have to do is play them. "

It's to help save them. At their current state, they might not even last until their next game release. I don't know if you've been keeping up with the news,...

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The management thought they could replicate their uDraw success on Wii into the HD consoles. They wasted huge amounts of money into the HD uDraw tablets and, as everyone expected, it bombed hard.

That's pretty much what really sunk them in. Jason Rubio took over as CEO soon after, acknowledging the poor decisions of the previous management. I think he's doing as much as he can, but THQ is sadly a sinking ship.

Plus, they only have until January to pay...

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This pretty much sums the game up.

I can't take IGN's review seriously either if it has this many problems.

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What's funnier is that the Mass Effect 2 disc actually has the Black Ops 2 disc art printed on it. It looks exactly like the correct disc, until you put it in your PC. MAJOR screw up.

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He complained that the game didn't have iron sights and scripted moements. This sums up the reviewers thoughts in a nutshell.

And the same reviewer gave Resident Evil 6 a 9.5.


People here are exaggerating about "harassment" of the reviewer too. I looked at the previous pages o...

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Deus Ex (the original) is probably the only 40 hour game that I didn't feel was padding time or dragging on at any point in the game.

It might actually be the longest FPS that I've ever played.

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The game is brilliant. The ending is shit.

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AC1 was fine. It did have repetitive side missions, but you didn't need much to unlock the assassination, and the assassinations themselves are still my favorite in the series with the number of different ways you can approach them. AC2 was fine. All of the main story missions were varied enough, and simply plowing through the main story took a good 15-20 hours.

I hated Brotherhood for the sheer amount of play-time padding with running around buying properties, the compar...

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"I already have these on PS2 anyway and they run at 60 frames there."

ZOE2 has some major framerate issues on PS2 in certain areas, mainly boss fights. It's also by far the most demanding game to emulate on PCSX2, and it's highly GPU dependent. Dem particle effects are the prime reason.

I do find it stupid though that a proper port can only do 720p and has poor fps. I suspect it's half to do with the demanding nature of the game, and hal...

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This same exact thing had happened to me when my launch PS3 got YLOD in 2009. I lost everything, and I had already sold my PS2 with it's memory card years before. It sucked.

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The Xbox version is extremely different. In order to make the game playable on the Xbox, they cut the levels to be extremely linear, cutting out all of the side rooms and exploration aspects, to the point where the game was nearly literally corridors. About 4 chapters, if I remember correctly, were completely cut from the game too. The on-screen enemy count was also drastically reduced.

The PC version is much better, by far.

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The demo was said to running on a PC by Kojima himself. Almost confirms a PC version.

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Full RGB shouldn't even be used unless you're using a monitor. That's what that setting is meant for, since monitors use colors differently. On TV's, it ends up crushing the blacks. You can see what I mean if you have a picture that has dark shadows, but still should have visible details. On a TV with Full RGB, it will turn pure black. On a monitor, the details stay.

The "washed out look" is much less apparent on an actual TV then it is in screenshot...

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It's not a console guys.

“Even basic input, the keyboard and mouse, haven’t really changed in any meaningful way over the years,” it says. “There’s a real void in the marketplace, and opportunities to create compelling user experiences are being overlooked.”

"The post specifies that the position will add “expertise in product design and manufacturing, ergonomics, usability, aesthetics, and surfacing."

Sounds more like they want ...

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"Wait... the MGS games came out on PC? Emulator or something? Because I would buy them again for my PC"

MGS1 and MGS2 Subsistence. MGS2 is a poor port from what I've heard. MGS1 on PC is actually the way I originally played it, and it had no problems at all, at least from what I remember from... about 12 years ago.

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The demo they showed was running on a PC. So it's very likely it's multiplatform.

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