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U wish Microsoft can’t buy Japanese developers the regulators won’t let that happen . Keep wishing thought never going to happen .

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on twitter had another fanboy say bethesda sold more game on xbox then playstation which isnt true but no ms owned bethedsa they going to miss the sales of not having a ps5 port starfield

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Ps5 is 10,28 tflop but they keep calling it Rdna 1.5 and also push the narrative saying ps5 holding back development then on fb one fanboy claim on fb on pure Xbox says Xbox series s has the better Multiplatform then ps5 Which isn’t true then they denied that ms has a partiey clause in play

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well said mate they think they think the can walk in japan and buy up publisher like sega square namco not with the anti trust laws

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That never going to see daylight on Xbox u might as well get a ps5 or invest in a pc if he want ff16 .

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Good games listed on there. Shame tmnt 2 or tmnt didn’t get a mention or even Simpson arcade

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Activision don’t own true crime anymore I think square enix own them

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Can’t buy Japanese developer there laws prevent that in Japan only close ms csn buy is a small studio that about square sega Capcom konami tecmo will never sell to ms .

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Can’t buy Japanese developers also sega have stated they are not up to sale .

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even the clown over twitter still think ps5 rdna.1.5 and still hae the hide to say sony paying to hold the xbox version back then still said series s was more powerful then ps5 and claim the ps5 was the weakest.

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Can’t see Xbox hanging around after 2030
They will. Be an app on tv making games for PlayStation and Nintendo next

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ps5 has another jrpg game called eternight as well and it exclusive

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had to see a comment on youtube the otherday one of the fanboy claims ps5 holding back the generation then twitter one reackon ps5 the weakest of the 3 these guy dont know nothing about tech

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and yet xbox game show wont get any 20 million veiw compared to spiderman

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switch it like 7 years already nintendo not in the same generation as ps5 series x

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funny the tagg has xbox one series console considering its ps5 exclusive

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Ms will never own a big Japanese company like Nintendo sega capcom square none of those won’t sell to a console that non existent in Japan

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Microsoft can’t buy capcom let alone square enix the Japanese government won’t allow them it .it never going to happen .

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need new fresh leadership over activision time for bobby to be given to the boot.

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According to the Xbox fans Sony are broke and can’t afford to buy them or they will end up like sega which isn’t true hope Sony buy square enix now that ms took bethseda away from PlayStation

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