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While I agree that cheaters should be banned, isn't the Battlefield franchise the one where they once banned players who simply happened to be too good? Hopefully their anti-cheat detection software is up for the task.

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Well I'd say it would greatly depend on how the character is introduced as well as the reasons behind it. As others have mentioned, the God of War franchise is closely linked to the character of Kratos. With the changes to the gameplay and setting introduced with the latest game, I would say the GoW franchise is more about Kratos' journey than anything else.

If a female lead were to be introduced in a GoW spin-off, I can see the reaction being rather negative. It wo...

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What about the Razer Edge, which came out before the switch?

There's no doubt that the Switch has shown the appeal of a gaming focused tablet with controllers attached to it. However it wasn't the first on the market and won't be the last either.

So while I do believe the Switch can be partially credited for the hype behind the Deck, saying it owes everything to the switch seems a tad much.

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All consoles seem to be doing pretty well, which is good for the industry and us the consumers.

The switch has had a very good year overall will still likely keep going for a few more years. It's unlikely to ever rival the PS2 or the NDS, but it could potentially reach the PS2 and the gameboy, which is no easy feat.

On Sony's side, the PS4 is still going strong despite the next gen launches. And the PS5 is seeing some very strong sales, only limit...

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Putting aside the fact that getting your hands on either a 6800xt or a 3080 is near impossible for most, I think it's fair to say that the 3080 is the better option at the moment.

It has comparable performance in non ray tracing games, although the 7800xt beats it by a small margin in multiple titles. But the added benefits of RTX and DLSS are pretty great.

With that being said, if I could get a 6800xt at retail price, I'd jump on it with no hesit...

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Xbox already has some form of Discord integration (you can see on Discord what your friends on XBL are playing I believe), but they have yet to allow people on XBL to speak with those on Discord. Hopefully this will change in the future as this would be greatly beneficial not only for cross platform games, but in general as I sometimes want to speak with people I don't play with.

As of right now, the best solution I've found is to buy dual audio headsets, such as th...

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I get that Fortnite is very popular and I also get the appeal of playing it on the go as opposed to having to play it on a console or a PC. Hell, I can even understand why someone would choose the mobile version over the Switch one, as I think performance is better (on a flagship phone anyway) and you can play over LTE or 5G if you're lucky enough to be covered.

With that being said, why not get an Android phone and sideload the game if you want it that much? You can ev...

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If the multiplayer is free and the maps are free and available for everyone, I really don't see why anyone would be upset about putting cosmetic items behind a battle pass.

I would much rather have a battle pass compared to having to deal with the usual split between those who bought the map packs and those who didn't.

And it's also much better than the pay to win stuff we've seen in other games.

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Before the 360 era, a lot of people said MS only had Halo as a console seller. After the 360, it was Halo, Gears and Forza.

MS doesn't have a lot of huge IPs, but it shows that if you put enough money behind a good developer, you can create new succesful IPs. Maybe with the XSX Microsoft will be able to create a few more.

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I hope the future of gaming isn't all about streaming. With that being said, I also think it has its uses.

It has allowed users to play PS3 games on their PS4, which is nice. It also allows games to be played on the go on the Vita. Steam has also experimented with streaming, although only on a local network if I'm not mistaken.

As for xCloud itself, I've tried it a little bit (the beta has just come to Canada) and so far I'm quite happy wi...

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I do think Perfect Dark could still do well. Obviously Microsoft still heavily relies on Halo as its FPS flagship and Call of Duty isn't likely to to be toppled as the biggest FPS franchise around, but that doesn't mean that there is no space for a different kind of FPS.

A more story focused game, with co op features, gadgets galore, multiple paths / gameplay style in a Bladerunner-esque environment could be different enough to have its own niche. With the absence o...

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Of course it will. Graphics can scale but game design doesn't.

As an example, if I wanted to make a battle Royale game with 1000 players and push the next generation consoles to their limits while doing so, the Xbox one version would likely need to be scaled back. Having worse graphics is one thing, but it's also possible that the Xbox one simply couldn't have nearly as many players due to both cpu and GPU limitations. While simply reducing the number of player...

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had this issue, adding my friends through Activision network resolved the issue though.

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The article is titled "PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X, which one is better?" yet doesn't give any info as to which is better or why, only stating that both enhanced consoles will play it at 1080p60fps.

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But, not only has PC been mostly digital for years now, with boxed copies of games having nothing but a download code inside, but the xbox one S all digital isn't even the first all digital edition of a console.

The PSP Go was all digital years ago. Android-based platforms also are all digital, just like our tablets and smartphones.

Even with physical media, the lines are getting blurred. The latest Tony Hawk game came on a disc but you basically ne...

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Amazing co-op game but a somewhat poor RE experience. Depending on what you expected out of the game, this could be a great game or a terrible disappointment.

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He also had a falling out with EA before forming IW.

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Did anyone really believe that they would bring back the Ghost series after the awful CoD : Ghosts? The multiplayer in that game was particularly bad and it didn't fare all too well with critics and gamers when it came out. Coming out with Infinite Warfare 2 would be just as bad if not worse; IW was one of the worst selling in the series and the players have spoken, Call of Duty doesn't need to be set in the future with jetpacks and whatnot.

On the other hand, the M...

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I wish Bethesda would understand that all mods are not cheats.

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Pretty sure that ATLAS couldn't run at 60fps on a dual Titan RTX setup, and that has nothing to do with the hardware or the drivers. Poor optimization combined with a server bottleneck will only get you so far.

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