I'm being ignored by 2 Xbots :D


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They sound pretty similar except battlelog is free right? if so then i know what i prefer.

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yes he doesn't really know what he's on about but this is where you sound like a pc elitist POS

"Ofc you wouldnt think that b/c u game on ancient consoles rofl." go back fiddling yourself while playing crysis... >.>

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I'm sorry but what? This all happened because he didnt buy the original xbox?

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i've seen troll police actually troll about PS3 fans and games, so i wouldnt say hes a ps3 fanboy trying to hate on an xbox game, stop being butthurt at the fact some people dont like gears or halo, i dont even like both they games, they just arent my style.

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thats nice and all but i dont like reading books... I WANT HARDCORE GAMES! :3

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All my friends think im not cool because i dont like COD, i still play it though just for them, even if the game has a lot of broken and dumb things in it.

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Just looking at your user name, i already see you have the mind of a 12 year old. (probably are)

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where have i seen people going on about sales all the time before.. ah yes, and stop saying 'dude' you sound like an idiot, dude.

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*sniff sniff* this game smells like venom.

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i was more bored by that MW3 gameplay trailer than the WaW trailers... the game is the same old crap with CODelite which you have to pay for... if anything battlefield is going to be better than COD just like everytime. (not counting the sales ofc (; )

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haha same, i want it too, the only handheld i ever got was a gameboy advance.

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Ohhhhhh Please dont start with saying 7.8 is a bad score, please! its a great score, i already been playing infamous 2 for quite a bit the now, and i already think its a 9 :D

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" I'm just not sheep who see everything DICE does as good." THats because your a COD sheep, i love the fact that BF3 doesnt have killstreaks, all the more to get the game over MW3.

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Who needs Gears Of War when you got uncharted? ^_^

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I play first-person shooting games.
I play third-person shooting games.
I play racing games.
I play turn-based strategy games.
I play real-time strategy games.
I play adventure games.
I play action-RPG games.
I have played games produced before 2000.
I don't consider myself a fan of any particular gaming company over another.
I recognize the bigotry of "east versus west" that currently perm...

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if so then i think i need to buy move... (thats if the move support is good)

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yes i actually have, i bought 1 here....

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go to account management then transactions then services and then the welcome back free game thing, it should let you choose them there. this happened to me too.

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Even if the multiplayer is **** i'd still buy this for the story, i can actually put up with COD so i definitly wont mind UC3 mp.

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bring it to EU 1st :D

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