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Actually when I was too young to attend E3, Magazines and G4TV was the way most learned about new games. That's all we need today, A new Gaming show.

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Maybe someone with a press badge gets to enjoy it. But as someone who's been for the past 15 years I can truly say E3 hasn't been good since PS3 days. Today it's waiting almost 6 hours to play 1 game, over crowded walkways and booths and nightmare traffic and parking. The best part of E3 wasn't even at the main building. It's across the street at Devolver Digital's Parking lot set up with FREE Drinks, Food and Fun Games. Let's just have Sony, MS and Nintendo pop up...

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It's a pretty good deal to add more games to PS3 library. I was able to get 16 games for $42

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It's been running for weeks

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A little to early to state that. Give it time. Also 3rd party usually cut cost on visuals so they can create more games yearly. Wait for 1st party, I'm sure once Sony shows their games we will see the visuals you may have wanted.

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I wouldn't say small operations that release very limited quantities are keeping physical alive. It's the deals that you can get on physical that still make it appealing. Also seeing your collection organized on a shelf is nice.

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It might just actually release with the launch of it. I'm guessing Watch Dogs 3 as well. With PS5 coming in around 7 months, I too would wait and not get the PS4 version.

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Well it was cool for the first 10 min. They should have done Hyperlapse.

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Well of those 3 Ghost of Tsushima is the closest we'll get to Japan/China AC game for now.

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That's what I was hoping for. Or China. Need something along the lines of Tenchu back.

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We'll have to wait and see. So far only X-SX gets the free upgrade. Maybe they are waiting for Sony to reveal.

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Regardless if it's Indie. There is very little happening on screen. No excuse for the environments to not look "next gen" or damn even current gen.

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Maybe that was Microsoft's plan. Talk up BC and flood you with all the games to keep you from noticing they don't have much of a 1st party catalog.

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Meanwhile, MS has no new 1st party games lined up for X-SX.

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The real challenge is making this work locally without needing to download ROMS.

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Haven't missed an E3 in 14 years. Canceled any plans of attending this one. The gear isnt wiped down after use, very close to people sneezing and coughing in your face. It's not worth the risk until guarentee of cure.

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That is a cop out. When next gen arrives it needs to have Next Console Exclusives. Not this BS. If they do not release 1st party games for the first 2 years for next gen hardware, that will be bad for business but good for gamers who buy all consoles. Buy PS5 and 2 years later pick up the Xbox.

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Not seeing how he made $800 in gift cards. Maybe I missed something. If you buy 9 consoles at $199 + TAX that's about $220.Total $1,980. Then sell them for $275 x 9 is $2,475. Then $2,475 - initial investment of $1,980 brings in only $495.

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People must be stupid to buy this console day 1. No new games with the powerful new hardware? No thanks. That's like buying a 5G phone and being told your carrier won't have 5G until 2023. This is great news for those who want both consoles. PS5 first and then 2022 Xbox.

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@starchild Actually that's a good thing they don't make the game for both consoles. Look at the waste of money the Xbox One X was. Games were made for Reg Xbox One and slightly upscaled for X. Now imagine if they had used the full power of the X. I buy next gen for new games with the power of the PS5 being used to it's full potential. Not coding on PS4 and transferring to PS5.

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