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IGN picked a multiplatform game so little girls like you still look at their site to check if buffy the vampire slayer is getting another season. Keep your hopes up that letter you wrote will get read

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You dropped your gay card .................ah ha! He looked! What an idiot

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We at Microsoft are scared for our customers health so we will keep using DVD9s so you have to keep getting up and changing disc .Microsoft we hold back progress so you don't have to

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Grand Theft Auto made me join Microsoft! God help me!

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LOL!!!!! Its funny because its true

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LOL Your mother is paying to be f**ked by me you did by a xbox after all

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Banned for what? That thing i showed you? That was for you and you only!

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The £50 you got for your birthday says other wise

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Where is "PP" is he away playing LittleBigPlanet? Because we all know there aint anygood 360 games out atm

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Gaystation you look like a f**king straight up retard in that picture

What i'v learned from Tropic Thunder "you never go full retard" and you went all out!!

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What like the bots version of Alone in the dark...o0ohhh sick burn!!

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Uncle steve is going to rape that stupid look off his face

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"Representative" and you own an xbox? Jesus!! thats a big word for you

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Papa steve thanks you for your bubble

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LMFAO poor boy gets b!tch slapped everytime

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Anton likes gettin owned its not his fault tho he just opens his mouth and it happens

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Of course it is there is no other "GOOD" console coming out that can handle it

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Points and laughs

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No need to waste time calling the fire department just buy a ps3

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What Lord Shuhei Yoshida is trying to say but he is to nice a person is "shut your mouth and f**k off"

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