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@Seraphim I get your point, gaming is an expensive hobby if you really go all in, but you do realise that games are just rising for inflation right? PS2 games retailed for $50 which is the equivalent of $76 now. Plus games usually go on sale and reduce in price pretty quickly in the months after release.

I have no issue with the price of games going up especially if it helps the developers who aren’t EA and Activision etc. there has been a lot of great studios that have cl...

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Your quote from insomniac about “only being possible on PS5” was talking about Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart which is only coming to PS5, not Spider-Man Miles Morales. So they didn’t lie at all.

Sony said they believe in making games only for PS5, which they are doing. It’s the press and fans that have filled the blanks and assumed that meant all games

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The rumour is that there is a new team at a different studio making uncharted so that ND can move on to something new

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ND isn’t making the next uncharted game, it’s being done at a different studio

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Uncharted will be made by a different studio, and I would imagine they will freshen it up a bit while keeping the core concepts. Will be new characters most likely as well

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If it’s coming for the rumoured November launch that’s like 8-9 weeks away, and we still haven’t seen it. But they showed Ratchet and Clank? I was really hoping this would be the week but now they have announced a week long PSVR focus and said specifically no next gen news 😞

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$60 and I get a couple dozen games out of it

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Literally just read another one that gave it 10/10 and had other people claiming they had been paid off. It’s a though no matter what score a game is given there will always be someone who says it’s wrong. Weird. It’s like people don’t know what opinions are

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It was voted most wanted tech at Gamescom...

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Do you need to see more to convince you to buy it? Personally I like to have as much of the game “new” when I play it, not through trailers

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Well COD runs at 60fps now so I will take the developer’s word when they say it’s running at 4K 120fps. For all of CODs flaws I never really hear performance being one of them

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We haven’t seen any gameplay yet, how can you say it doesn’t look promising? We barely know any details...

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What’s wrong with having a battle royal mode of it still offers all the other traditional multiplayer modes people expect?

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Why does he keep calling the Orks Ogres?

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Squadrons isn’t VR exclusive so it will do well, especially with cross platform play

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Weird that the base PS4 performs better

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To be fair, just because Microsoft knows business and is a successful company does not mean game pass is guaranteed to be a success. All companies go though failures of some degrees and Microsoft has had its share.

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I’ve been doing this for like a year with the Xbox app. This isn’t new really

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Oh great another quality opinion piece from “the gamer” 😂
I’m not sure this guy even really knows what art direction is.

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As an owner of all 3 platforms it’s hard for me to get excited about 3rd party games coming to switch that are double (sometimes as much as 4x) the cost of the PS4/Xbox version and also play/look worse.

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