Viva La Vita


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There are more 1rst party character in the roster than third's. Say what: 4 third party's vs 15+ 1rst's?

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Persona. Final Fantasy X. Metal Gear Solid Snakes. Zoe of Enders... so on. 3DS is dead.

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Yeah fap fap fap

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3DS can't even compare to this (portable gamecube) graphically and that is to say the less over its spec, nintendo and its fanboys can go and smoke one for what I care.

Vita will rape it in the long run, no second barrage this time, with ps2 on board, fck 3DS library.

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Ignore him, he needs a brain inside his brain to even refer whatever he intended to right.

As if vita won't destroy 3DS xD

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Was 3 ever exclusive of nintendo after 3rd appeared on PSP and Ps3 destroying all the numbers wii's version did? and that solely in japan xD.

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Since when is the Vita, tablet sized?, since when things cost more in the USA than in japan?... I see, troll detected.

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Ps3 ftw... nice stealthing there mate, nice stealthing.

Bcus you can play cough, Halo 4 on Xbox and Killzone 3 on Ps2 cough.

While on Nintendo's earth?, hey see, we can play, Ninja gaiden 3 with a second DS-esque screen, you will sucks us just fine, for the lulz.

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LOL true, 3DS only got, Mario, Kid icarus, smash bros, mario, mario, zelda, mario, luigi, kirby, mario, nintendogs, mario... more mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario mario, what else?, pokemon, mario, oh sht, where are the new games? I guess nintendo got any.

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As if you got any Ps3 to begin with, and don't come in shoving any uername to find you on PSN, won't help your BS cases.

FFx + Vita = doing the game rendition.

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¨ 3DS has superior tech and specs. ¨


Have anyone seen how Vita remote play killzone 3?, yeah you did?, also you already know it´s capable of handle ps2 games?, I sure bet you do, 3DS is for p.Ussies like the obvious looses trolls up there.

@onlink... yeah bcus playing a Jrpg like final fantasy X is better on a console ra...

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You crazy mofou, RR is by far a dust off of a franchise when a new system, you must be a new-fg to refer to it that way.

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I bet you love it from behind mate, right up there.

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Y u mad fro?

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See how damn sexy this is... FFX, FFX2 and FFxII... fuck 3DS.

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Lol, you sound butthurt´d mate, nice preemptive strike.

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DS to 3DS = No
PSP = Vita = yes

See the difference mate?, blind you, so blind.

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Don't touch my fcking vita you ho... doooon't, grrrrr.

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Niche enough I would say to you.

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Oh come on guys, you need to feel his anga and then flow with him ain´t sha right Vampfagdragon? I know you are Darkcharizard xD, welcome my brother in n4gw to the troll side.

Now STFU, 3DS got only shtty ports not compared to the most AAA port coming to vita.

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