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Underwhelmed by ps2 bro? The fuak?

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Made me lol

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Dickless I mean dizzlek = mdee555?

That doesn't stop you of being jealous.

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And foreva

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Guess I do... refresh that brain.

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He obviously is talking about technology and how well sony planned the ps3 for the long run...

1 - Microsoft needs bluray or higher media capacity, playing catchup ugh ugh I'ean catch up there.

2 - A reliable console in both side, anti-piratery for good "playing BIG catch up there as well.

3 - And more importantly, Exclusives, games that define the console and not only multi-platform, btw first party... but that is far from Microsoft...

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No place for shooters this time...GREAT plus no microsoft...7u7

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Maybe he is dead...sure, so should all the people destroying such a great console as the psp is...

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It INDEED does everything.

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Next level 5 games says HI...


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I'd fap instead of waste my time glued to a TV and a console...

Hell maybe grandia.

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True, tired of numbers there for xbox and polygons here for ps3, but keep the entertainment guys, pretty neat.

Great, ps3 has more power, xbox sold more, end of the story.

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True for those without any data of the why ps3 games does looks much better, see this videos for further information. and don't be so blind...

Plus let me quote this IBM techy savy nerd guy...

"FYI, Xbox 360 has more cores than PS3.
Xbox 360's Xenon has three 3.2 GHz cores, while PS3's Cell has one ...

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Then be ready to pay LOT of money for a glassless 3DTV...good luck with that.

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True, cus of, ps3 is the way to go at the time of dealing with

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Dude monster hunter was released already...

Ooh you!

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When people said, there is NO way to stop piracy, makes me wonder if they want even it to stop...

What can be cracked? the ps3? it can be cracked certainly, but what for?, tells me, who will in his right mind download more than 40GB of a game? or 50GB> yeah a few people 20% of the 100% of people who barely has a good connection.

Now the next question, who in the right mind, would like to mod THEIR ps3 loosing online game for free? and all the sht going on ...

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Dead..bring those friends here, we will make their line 160+ down disagree.

On the other side, it is THEIR opinion, but if another individual DISAGREE, why not state it? but guessing you out, you prefer to be slapped 'nd walk home than work it over.

You opine, NEAT, I disagree...then even neater, it is not convicing, repeat with me, it is disagreeing, it is not convincing but disagreeing, wanna repeat?.

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