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anyone who names their game "warior's lair" isnt very creative and shows the game content probably isnt so creative either. Dont buy this

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why are you guys talking about the single player and calling it a shitty game? I dont see you guys talking about single player in COD or any other game like socom. KZ1 had fun online unless you sucked at video games and hated it because it was too hard. KZ1 was a great game for MP if you knew what you were doing . THE SP was buggy with bad AI though, true.

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according to DigitalA, no one can make a vita thread about price drops because it would be "capitilzing on the failure on the recent Vita doom articles. " . No one should know about price drops, according to DigitalA.

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lol what a joke

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yeah, most people here are talking crap about the buggy and bad AI in the single player and probably tried the MP one time. It was a game that required multiple headshots/skill , knowing gun spawns, health spawns, etc. to survive. Which i suspect why most people tried it once and said it sucks and left. Its similar to why COD sells, people like easy games.

that being said, this probably wont have MP , no buy for me.

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any editor in the ps3 will be useless unless they let you record gameplay with the PS3 and let you send the videos for friends to watch....which will never happen due to piracy BS.

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hes the best dev in the business. you can tell that he isnt cutting any corners in the development or else he would have nightmares about it.

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I agree, Killzone 1 was better. More online modes, better weapon selection, variety of maps, customizable options, etc. KZ1 had better everything except graphics and maybe cut scenes lol. Killzone 3 sucked. And im a Killzone fan!!

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forgetting splinter cell convinvtion , metro 2033, and all the other halos and gears. thats enough , but for kicks Tales of Vasperia

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LOL all you kids in denial .

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lol have fun with the battery life

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Killzone3 was a letdown for me (a Kz1&2 fan) . But so was EVERY single FPS game this generation. All letdowns except R:FOM, Bad company2, and maybe another game. (im talking about ONLINE play or else many games would be good)

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i cant wait for my demos in 2013

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kinda sucks, switched back to picture i had

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a parent is gonna have to buy 2 vitas for their 2 children because they both cant use their psn accounts

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humans look the same. people always say asians mexicans black people look similar. whites too. So when video game characters look the same, they talk shit. LOL maybe they should add some giant nose like mario or long orange hair

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tactics, strategy, teamwork, competition, time consumer, etc.

whats so hard to understand? I personally am bored with them but i was addicted to them a few years ago.

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Wii users have higher standards. Wii sports and Wii Fitness bring more value than COD

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