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i hated dragon age. it was like playing an MMOrpg without the MMO. just crappy, dice-roll combat trying to masquerade as real-time combat. yawn!

skyrim destroys it. but i don't think skyrim is all that great. i couldn't bring myself to finish it after 80-100 hours of side quests and wandering.

REALLY looking forward to Reckoning

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after about 3 minutes of having a beer with drake, i'd end up jamming my fork in his eye. a one-dimensional treasure hunter that constantly goes after "treasure" that is cursed even though he's way too even headed to believe in curses despite the fact that he's already fought spanish monsters, supermen in monkey suits, and whatever the hell the power was in the 3rd game (something about collapsing a building and initiating a QTE fight sequence).

point i...

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i don't understand this comment. the gameplay in an RPG is about a "dumb" as it gets. dice roll, hit/miss, x number of points damage. repeat.

an action game actually requires more skill because the action is less about the dice roll and more about timing.

yes, the horrific inventory system from the first game was removed...that's a good thing. other than that, i don't see anything that was really 'dumbed' down. the combat im...

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I don't think their intent was to say that as if it's a bad thing. I think what they are trying to do is just grab attention from western RPG fans that might be tired of the Elder Scrolls formula. Or are just looking for something different.

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I have wanted a co-op RE since RE1. I always thought it would be awesome to have a friend be Barry or something.

having said that, RE5 was not the co-op game i wanted. It wasn't bad though...

as for the article...i don't want RE to take me back to RE4. RE4 is clunky and dated. I want something entirely new. also, i don't want more corridor walking where a zombie might or might not be behind a door. i've been's no longer sc...

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"Don't expect the next generation to be any different - Sony won't be bundling an expensive Kinect sensor in every box, and PS4's processor won't need to dedicate time to Kinect processing. PS4 will almost certainly overpower the next Xbox."

this is some very wild speculation

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decrypt, i get the laptop argument. but the better argument is cell phones. i'm willing to bet money that smart phones within the next 2-3 years will have graphics that trump even the vita. Not to mention all the other things they do that a stand-alone unit can't do.

i think if you travel a lot and you REALLY like ports and sequels to popular sony games you've already played, then vita is right for you. otherwise, i don't see how a person can justify the p...

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was gonna say the same thing.

the answer is: hits.

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Half-Life 2 is easily the best FPS game of all time...maybe the best game. I can't believe AvP is on this list. Or COD. both are great games, but definitely not top 10. and uh...where is goldeneye?

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just in case you needed more sand...

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i just played most of the demo...really enjoyed it. til it locked up on me. i'll likely be buying it. i just hope it doesn't turn out to be a 10 hour game like fable.

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No shotguns??? why would I want to play gears with nothing but lancer spray?

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it's because innovators know that SOPA would actually cause them to lose money in the long run.

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There is a massive misconception about piracy in both Hollywood and in Gaming. and that misconception is that pirates are costing them money. The truth is roughly 80% of ppl who pirate games/movies/music, weren't actually going to buy the game in the first place. as for the other's free marketing. some games and movies have 100 million dollar ad campaigns...if they just skipped that and gave away part of their game movie for free, the social networking that the internet h...

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so, it's uncharted? *sigh*

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i'll buy this game right now if someone can answer this question. can i be...a moisture farmer?

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uncharted doesn't look half as good as ps3 fanboys like to pretend it does. just easily duped into believing that cut-scene graphics = in-game graphics.

and yeah, i know there will be a ton of idiots that don't know what post-processing is that will say, "the cut-scenes are in-engine." but, they're there you go.

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there is a game that was half FPS, half RTS that looked infinitely worse than ODST. this list a joke. in fact, i can think of dozens of games that look far worse than ODST.

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If you are going to do a review that just maintains the sad status quo, just don't bother. Nobody cares that you think the exact same thing that the mainstream did 2 months ago. your review is completely pointless.

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oh please, who has more money than nintendo? they just don't have the talent to compete anymore. and the creativity they once had to compensate for crappier engines has fizzled out. we see much more creativity from the independents that charge 2-15 bucks a game.

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