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I absolutely knew that this list, especially without those classic Sega staples, would be criticized. That's for good reason too, because it deserves to be. Our list comprised of a 90 minute debate with lots of opinions between the editors (and there's a podcast in the post with that discussion). That said, I have to thank you all for putting your two cents in, generating lists when you didn't have to, and sharing us in the love for Sega's 16-bit masterpiece. In the least,...

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Both the full size and scaled special editions are sold out everywhere. Naturally some will pop up at release and hopefully the price won't be too crazy, but this pre-order stuff is getting ridiculous.

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There are two reason this article exists: because the review isn't ready due to multiplayer servers and perhaps because Visceral made the single player. Visceral is one of the more edgy studios that EA has making predominantly single player or campaign-based games, so this was supposed to have the best chance of being decent. Of course, given the other things that studio is working on it looks like this was a mere rush job or not much effort was given. If it's that bad then this is...

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After looking it over, I see where you could get the impression, but no, I did no editing work on these videos as that would defeat the purpose of a speedrun. I even keep in the moment that I died late in the speedrun. I played this on the PS3 and whenever there was a cutscene I would consistently press start. I re-watched it and I can't tell where you say I didn't trigger the animation, it starts and runs for about 2 seconds before it ends. Additionally when Barry kills the zombi...

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Okay that makes perfect sense. Mods are NOT appreciated on competitive games or other such circumstances, I apologize for not thinking about that. But still, I think that for single player experiences or the aspects of the game that don't affect gameplay (like the Futurama cast in Left 4 Dead) it shouldn't be an issue. Dying Light's campaign, and many games like it, shouldn't care if you use mods.

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I never understand it when a developer prevents mods on PC games, especially ones covered by DRM like Steam. It was decided by the courts long ago (in the NES times during a Galoob Game Genie case) that the end user can affect the software anyway they please provided that it doesn't alter the game into something else and then gets re-marketed. I bought your game, let me play it as I see fit.

I also like this particular news because while Dying Light seems to run better ...

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I guess it's amusing that you would get this effect, but I take issue with this being referred to as a "glitch". Typically glitches and videos that reveal them are public service announcements or calls to action against the manufacturer. As someone who has worked in product development, research, quality assurance, and then mass production, you wouldn't consider this a manufacturing defect or a glitch. A dynamically small population will have a neon light (especially a Ba...

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Just for easy finding, if anyone is interested in our Street Fighter and Tekken ep (not the game Street Fighter X Tekken, but rather an analysis of both franchises) is here: http://gaminghistory101.com...

One of my favorite genres, along with shmups, in gaming.

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Not sure if the author is on here, but it should probably be noted that Syberia came out on the original Xbox, was one of the few games on that console that's 720p if you have a component cable, and works on the 360. While it's cool they're remaking it and as a personal fan I'd love to see it with achievements (and if it worked in full res 1280x720 on the Xbox perhaps it could be upscaled to 1080p). If this is nothing more than a re-release of the original Xbox game on 360.....

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I completely agree

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Exactly how don't I understand the prisoner's dilemma? Is that your argument, a statement and drop the mic? Prisoner's dilemma can be a metaphor for competitive markets that suggests that opposing forces gain more by betrayal than agreement, thus someone (if not both) will fail as long as someone works to their best interest. Microsoft is stuck because they are screwed no matter what they do, so they look like crap by backing Sony but they do it for market interest. There'...

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Agreed. Truth is no one knows what will happen because there's never been a scenario similar to this before. Obviously the console market isn't ready to act like PC at launch. It took time, lots of time, for PC to get where it is. Price will draw the PS4 sales early on, but you simply cannot predict what will happen. Anyone who tells you ups and downs of this generation were predictable is lying.

As for the article, man is this summer chock full of speculative people...

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Awesome point, I never noticed that these released on the same date because I wasn't a big JRPG fan at the time. Oh Sony.

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I agree and I should have chosen a private format to handle this manner. My apologies. I acted on initial reaction, which is rarely advised. Additionally the term "Gaming History 101" is neither mine by law nor unique to my site, I knew that when I created it. Thank you for your response, I'm sorry for this distraction on your article.

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As the site owner and hard working sole writer of http://gaminghistory101.com I'm curious why your site previously had a retro section called "RetroVania" and now you're using "Gaming History 101" in this one-off piece. I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt and say you're unaware of my site, which I respect.

I would prefer you not use the Gaming History 101 title to your arti...

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I'm sure I'm going to eat crow for this statement, but when you look at it from a technological standpoint the Jaguar blew the 3D doors off of the Playstation, Saturn, and N64. Unfortunately that god awful controller and initial hardware impressions killed it.

I'm not saying the Jaguar doesn't deserve the criticism, but it did have the odds going for it if you're betting on 3D. I'm guessing it was the middle ground nature and cheaper CD format of th...

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I just love the crazy effects they did with the SuperFX chip. While other developers were doing faux polygons Miyamoto was making one of the best looking sprite-based games ever.

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But did you notice that he admits to only being able to get through a few hours. MGS 3 was a brutal game and he's right when he said the rough camera didn't help, but trust me if I can beat it then it's not that bad. MGS 3 just took persistence and the ability to walk away from a game and come back a little later. Not to mention he admits that buying Subsistence (which is the version in the boxed set) will fix the camera problem. Don't hate on a game just because you aren&...

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I think the biggest problem with some of the points in the article is that they seem to be biased by the times. Sure, Half Life 2 and RE 4 are dated and annoying now, but back then they were awesome.

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I really dug this game but I can understand why many didn't like the title. Unlike most, I loved Too Human and thought Eternal Darkness was awesome too, but realistically it was a cult following and not a true appreciation of solid titles. @beasley23803 really dug your list, but you missed Clock Tower on Super Famicom, loved that title.

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