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Legendary artist....definitely will get this book.

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For people speculating like idiots. Just like fortnite towards the latter half of the duration of black market, they are more liberal with the points you earn.
And second and most importantly, its entirely optional if you don't like to grind you still have the skins like Dark matter you can unlock.

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I'm sorry but no it wasn't. It's was a really stellar Halo game but the story could have been more epic considering Reach was the last and military stronghold humanity had during that time. The story told was of a few select Spartans and only took place after and around a couple of major events that happened during the invasion on Reach. We didn't get to see the massive army of spartans and convenant at the might of their power.
Halo 3 was the only game that showed th...

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You had to think about how you go about fighting a boss in Arkham games. Spiderman on the other hand, doesn't quite do that as it favours a more cinematic feel.
If by strategy, you thought I meant RTS then you may need to adjust your thinking./s
Although it's an action game you are still tested on how agile you are and easily you can dispatch the enemies using the tools at your disposal.

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Yeah....it only took me a month to watch the game /s

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I just beat Spiderman a few hours ago and it had the easiest final boss ever. I didn't mind the bosses as I'm quite familiar with them having read and played previous spiderman games and comics but this is what insomniac got wrong. If I didn't know about Rhino, Scorpio, Shocker and electro I would have been tremendously disappointed. The bosses didn't make me think or strategize, they were interesting but way too easy. They decided to go for a more cinematic route than having...

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Psnow poses no threat. Its has been out for several years and its not been improved in any way. Sony could have owned it but they've neglected it for 5 years and now Ms has the edge with the stellar Gamepass and with Xcloud it will make Psnow redundant.
I know a lot of people who have a sub for Gold account + Gamepass but I don't know anyone who ps plus + Psnow.

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It's time for diablo to come back to the spotlight

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Mistwalker-Lost Odyssey, Blur dragon and the last story
Access games-Deadly premonition and D4
Grasshopper manufacturer-No more hero's and shadow of the damned

These are studios ms should consider acquiring.

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The game should have been cheaper. Single player takes a lot of resources and I understand why they removed it but how are they compensating for that loss.

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They really need to market Crackdown 3.
My guess is they've implemented some sort of Battle Royale into the game and to be completely honest it's a game that can do with it.
It's got the style and simplistic cell shaded look that people playing fornite will love. Also the whole idea behind Crackdown is to level up and overpowering yourself by collecting and doing certain action, this would be the perfect recipe for Battle Royale.

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I wonder who made that possible......

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I like the changes he's brought to Xbox, they are now looking really positive with the array of features such as BC, play anywhere, Gamepass, mouse and keyboard support and soon Xcloud.

Now Phil needs to go full throttle with their first party games and with the 5 new studios he seems to be going in the right direction.

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Yeah those 5 studios they acquired was just for lolz.
I do believe they've got those studios so they can have more control on the development of their games and avoid an incident like scalebound. Plus the heads over at platinum are to blame for the cancellation and not Ms.

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It's no coincidence that Phil being in Japan at the same time they announce Xcloud. He is there to sell the idea to them.
Mobile gaming is the thing in Japan and if they are able to provide console quality on their the go, then it could be a great thing for this service. This would allow publishers to release their games on Xbox, be it through cloud or physical, Japan can't ignore what MS can provide them.
I can expect publishers for games like Persona 5(Altus), Drag...

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Psnow is trash

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It's better if they come out showing rather than talking.
They have to demo the streaming and make it so that every household is able to render it at 1080p with minimal latency.
They also have to make it clear that they aren't replacing the hardware but giving an option to play games(which I personally looking forward to)

The key to this being a success is by communicating effectively and so far with what they've shown, they seem on track and ...

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This 'hardware going away' rubbish is just an excuse to sway any positive conversation about streaming.
They will coexist together why are people coming up with a doomsday scenario.

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Sony were late to the party so crossplay wasn't an option for Fallout 76. Bethesda have already stated that they are will do it in due time but if Sony had yeilded much sooner then it would have been a feature at launch.

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Yeah many steaming services such as onlive came before psnow...so..yeah....Sony didn't pioneer anything in contrast they actually made streaming game look terrible with their subpar quality.

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