I'm getting dumber by osmosis around this place...


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Not just you.

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Who's acting like the PS4 isn't dropping frames?

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AAA titles don't get sold for $29.99 at release.

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Flex, you must be the only person in the Internet who hasn't faked something in a picture.

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Don't encourage ignorance, lastking.

The main difference is that we had numbers for BOTH consoles there; here, all we have is which BUNDLE sold the most. There are no numbers here that refute the other article.

Kinda hard to expose someone with nothing.

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Sounds like a bunch of nonsense to make yourself seem above it all for no good reason.

Why bother commenting on a performance face off if it doesn't mean anything to you anyway?

And how can you generalize both people who are longtime gamers AND new gamers just to make yourself seem more into the hobby for the fun of it?

Your comment doesn't come off as genuine at all.

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What's your criteria for success, Septic?

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How so? It lists the top console bundle, but not the top console, and has no concrete numbers to say what that gap might have been.

Plus, while black Friday is largely American, it's no longer ONLY that. And this doesn't take into account, I believe, any online orders.

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I agree with you, rainslacker, but I think your words fall on deaf ears elsewhere.

From all accounts, the game is great, but they can't possibly be happy with sales, if they're as bad as we're led to believe.

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I agreed with you a little too quickly, it seems.

I can't see anyone calling the game stupid or anything like that.

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When it's ready.

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If it ain't physical, it ain't the same.

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Which of his games have you played?

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But there are plenty of turn-based rpgs out there. Yet you've actually said in previous comments that they weren't worth consideration because they didn't have the biggest of budgets.

You also routinely rail against arpgs. Star Ocean gets looked past by you. Haven't heard a word out of you about Nier. Or KH. All great franchises. You spurn XV, calling it no good primarily because of its battle system. And even if this remake is flawless, you'll give it a...

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Unlike a certain fighting game under exclusive console rights, Tomb Raider didn't need money from a console maker to be developed. It was not co-developed by a console maker. It is also shutting out- if only temporarily- the platforms which contain the majority of its fans.

It's odd to see it being generalized as only PlayStation fans that had any complaints, rather than Tomb Raider fans on both the PlayStation and PC.

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That may be true, but does that mean it's futile to speak out- and act out- against it when it happens?

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It's been detailed here numerous times before, but sales actually DO benefit you. As you've chosen to ignore those explanations, I won't waste my time here.

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You lose this stupid argument, Septic.

The ORIGINAL comment: No self respecting game developer would be happy with low sales.

You IMMEDIATELY twisted that by leaving out the "happy with low sales" part.

You have repeatedly left out "HAPPY WITH LOW SALES," and every one of your comments does the same. That's you twisting the argument to suit your needs, and it's pretty pathetic.


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In my current situation, that's probably the better idea, too.

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Do not twist it into anything else.

Do not change the quote.

Do not leave out words.

Your petty little argument falls apart the moment you consider the ENTIRE sentence.

Just face it: you lose.

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