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Because it'll be free for me. lol

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Guess who's NOT paying for this??

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Yes. Most assuredly.

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I don't have a HUGE need for expensive additional storage. I have giga-bit internet and even if I need to download a HUGE game like Black Ops 4 it only takes about 15 minutes. I'm good with that and i'll use the $250 for more game or i'll save it for a PSVR 2.

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Who knew driving a train involved more than pushing a lever to make the train go forward and then pulling the lever back to slow down and stop. Not me until I bought Train Sim World!!! lol

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He panders to the fan base. That's all. He's completely see-through in that it's obvious he's selling his brand and when he says stuff like this, he's full of crap. He's just another industry salesperson.

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Remember how in 1985 that would have spelt death for a console?? Good thing we live in 2021 where Japan is barely hanging on to the 4th place in the video game market and it doesn't mean that much.

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Sweet! Dark Souls 4!!!

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"Ikai Horrifying Console and PC Players This October"

How can that be? Japanese/Korean horror is all the same cookie-cutter crap.

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So, this is just a shooter CALLED Cyberpunk. It's not actually a Cyberpunk RPG. It doesn't use any of the same systems as the RPG, it changed all the artwork for the characters associated with the RPG, and it just uses some of the same names of things as the RPG. In every aspect other than what some things are called in the game, it is in no way Cyberpunk. It's just a crappy, broken shooter CALLED Cyberpunk. Wow. What a waste.

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"I just pray for the fellow gamers that are still trying to get the PS5."

Jeez, what happens if they don't get one?!?

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My Returnal review: 100/10. Best game ever. Microsoft will shutdown Xbox because of this game. Nintendo is out of business now because of this game.

My experience with the game: I seen a YouTube trailer. lol

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The battery on my Legend of Zelda cartridge is still fine. This is a stupid non-issue brought up by fearmongers.

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PS5 doesn't support 1440p I thought?

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As it is now on PS4 Pro, load times make me not want start the game up. The faster load times will make this game more enjoyable. I like beat 'em up style games like this.

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This lawsuit isn't going to go anywhere. Only if Sony has replicated the problem and is refusing to replace controllers within the warranty unless it proves to be a manufacturing defect amongst ALL DualSense controllers. People are over-reactionary and stupid sometimes.

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"Our Commitment to Quality"

Only AFTER the fact that we were caught trying to pull some MAJOR bullcrap. Psh. Whatever, dude...

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But not exclusively to Xbox Series S/X...

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Any word on a console release? Seems like an awfully big market to be ignoring...

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Year-end bonuses. That's not a brain busting riddle there. But now they are in some trouble with the whole refund thing now.

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