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Bring on my Suros Regime!!!!!

I'll be using Suros to kill players in Crucible whilst completing my bad juju bounty hahaha!

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I'm sooo happy I can finally get my Suros. All I wanted was Suros from xur. Things couldn't be more perfect. I'm going to complete my bounty for bad juju using the Suros in crucible haha awesome stuff.

I'll keep bad juju for when it gets buffed.

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Wait.... Still no new guns? So players still stuck with the same old 3 Rifles?

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If I had to pick one game to play for the rest of my life. I'd choose World of Warcraft. The gameplay is what makes it stand so firm against any other mmo none has knocked this game off the top for that reason alone.

Star Wars is a more popular franchise with far better lore but it's gameplay fell horribly flat.

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Those disagrees.... GTA 5 wins!!

Can't wait for my ps4 version 18th Nov. I'm ready to collect some bounties. And please heists...

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Looool I was laughing so hard at your comment bro thanks.

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No it doesn't. Just like every mmo before it.

Gameplay is what makes a game stand firm and ahead of all other failed projects.

All Destiny needs now is to roll on more raids and crucible game modes/maps and more exotic weps and armour. And I'm all in lol.

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Its more sad that it affects you that people like a game you dont like loool.

And yet you come into Destiny articles... Genius.

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I'll wait for Suros or another nice Primary Rifle :)

Only got 17 strange coin but next week ill have 23 minimum.

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Gameplay wise the game looks good but it needs more objectives than just kill kill kill. It will get old FAST.

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Doesn't look bad but gameplay needs to have some substance if ur just running around killing how bland is that? Well that's not my thing.

Gta 5 was so spot on so fun to play that campaign and can't wait to get back into the online when it lands in a couple weeks.

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Dude... Just like the Supers in this article they can be avoided and they're not gauranteed kills.

I'd take my chance with those rumoured supers rather than the current Hunter Supers which almost gaurantee him a kill.

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Cause it's fun?

I've played many mmos and wow has the best gameplay and still is unbeaten the numbers speak for itself.

I'm excited for the expansion I'm resubbing today to enjoy the new patch. Had played some beta so I know what's in store with class changes/pvp and it's wonderful.

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Loooool as a black man i am humoured by your comment :)

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I play WoW. And as a human ret paladin and human WW Monk.

Yeah point is less people play all the games you enjoy combined than World of Warcraft. Think about that for a second.

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Super is meant to be OP. You clearly havent played Crucible.

Hunter Blade Dancer or Golden Gun
Warlock Nova Bomb - I tend to take out a butt load of people at the same time.

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This is the first time I'll be waiting on reviews of the game before I pick it up.

Mainly cause I'll be swamped with Warlords of Draenor and gta 5 as well as destiny an shadow of mordor. Just not enough time for everything lol.

And cause all they've showed of this game is combat and more combat. No depth no city no people. They need to learn from cd project.

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By the holidays they'll be releasing the first expansion called the Dark Below so yeah the player count will fly up again. Your hopes just failed brah.

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I'm pretty sure the Haters are salty right now hahahaha

I'm loving Destiny just about to hit rank 3 crucible to get my legendary weps. Then it's on to focusing on raiding vault of glass for exotics. Then using those exotics in pvp haha.

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You fake PC players make me laugh. You know nothing about pc gamers. We don't care about fps and resolution as long as our PCs run the game smoothly we're happy.

Don't try to speak for all pc gamers cause you're a lowlife. We're not all living in our mothers basement no gf, wife or kids.

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