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You seem to be saying lots of words that match that of developer problems. So my PC can run ARMA 3 in 4k on ultra but FC6 wont? I mean we dont really care for FC6 because its a garbage game. Also your console is running it on ultra at 60fps?

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If you think stalker 2 is going to be good you are in for a surprise. It will be garbage.

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I don't think you understand why this was made.

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Only 2 true gaming devices needed..PC and switch. Seen as PC has MS games pass and now Sony are slowly moving over to PC. What a time to be alive.

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Im sure microsoft are really hurt taking sonys profits from this game then even more when its released on Xbox.

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MW plays brilliant but those damn maps man. No three lane choke points, no consistency in the battle areas and whos idea was it to make that Rust map? Maybe 1 day we will see a HD remake of CoD2.

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i agree stalker series and mods are my most played games but this guy was talking about MS not showing gameplay not that the game lacked it.

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remember when an 8 was good. Now salty boys cry if their beloved platform game doesn't get a solid 10 and perfect in every way. Look ill give it a 10/10 just to keep in order of the other paid media sites.

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yesterday i looted a ps4 and about a hundred discs from the back of the store. I tried TLOU1 and for a few hours to relax before I go out again. Its garbage. GTA5 sick though.

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Movefasta1993. what you smoking bro? You know PS5s smoke and mirrors 4k 60fps will be for arcade games. TLOU2 will be 30fps at 2k.

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Hopefully bring some good news back

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Cheers dude, I have never used cdkeys, use instant gaming all the time, have you used cdkeys before?

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£26 at Instant Gaming, nearly £9 cheaper than this deal.

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The chapter 3/epilogue files found on the PC release have already proven they cut the last chapter and are using this moby dick story as a cover. Don't know if this is why kojima left or they cut it because it wasn't finished enough for them to carry on without kojima.

Either way they won't be seeing my cash again for a MGS game.

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Was hoping this would come to PC, gonna have to stick to The Golf Club for now.

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This one good also

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Been away from N4G for a while and i have come back to the same people. PS Now charges you but it's worth it, MS offer it FREE and it's a failure. Same old N4G i take it.

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The 390x interests me and how the price from $ - £ convert.

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Yeh prob windows 10 features with Xbox. Hoping for some good stuff but not looking at half life 3 turning up lol.

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