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To be expected and well deserved, it's such a GREAT game!!!

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What is this??? A Troll???

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Someone who did not play uncharted4 for MP!!! for sure.

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In spite of all the hate, i loved the Order and wish RaD the best for their new project.

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Not at all, these are good machines already with same games and services.
If you favor visuals over all then pc is your place to be, that's said for someone who did not take the plunge, these machines are the most welcomed.

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Power alone is worthless...Video games history is full of examples.

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Have 'em both and call it a day ;)

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That "cloud" can effectively offload calculation is known long ago... Now that it can do it real time is more problematic, because it need a very good connection and less than 16ms ping for graphic oriented calculations. Doubt that a lot of people have this kind of connection.

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Click-bait much???

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OMFG!!! What's wrong with these people?!?

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Jesus!!! Not this BS again...Some folks are so bored in their lives, it seems :)

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Excellent mp and an ok campaign!!!
It's an excellent game for that price for sure!!!

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No it's not the first...There were plenty of must have and it's all a matter of taste at the end of the day.

Now of course UC4 is a major release, it's a ND title after all, but let's not belittle the other releases for the sake of equity and justice that Devs like Fromsoft, GG and the like truly deserve.

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The majority of these are heading to pc...

So if i have a pc, why settle for the worse experience if i can :

-1 have better experience graphic wise
-2 No need for live

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Top notch gameplay( the most important!!!) and content on the way...but you know opinions, opinions!!! :)

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It's sure is a good thing but not for the xbox brand!!!!

If you are a console only gamer it may not change too much for you, but if you are multisystem, why bother with the xbone then??? And why pay for live if you can have a better experience without paying a dime on pc???

My guess is that Ms will eventually quit the hardware market sooner or later...and focuse on soft only.

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To play the worst versions of both multiplats and ms/exclusives i guess... //S intended, but with some truth in it ;)

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But lethal for the Xbox brand!!!

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Kudos to Evo...What else to be said.

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Sad for such a young fella to end up like this.

RIP Dave.

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