Come hither, thy brethren.
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RAM is so cheap its not like it would affect the overall price very much to have too much rather than just enough.

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The "Next" one? Don't we have enough of it by now? In with watch_dogs, out with the refurbished asscreeds.

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The End and both GTA missions are out of place in my opinion. That sounds more like the OP just doesn't have any patience.

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You would disagree with the truth?

You just openly admitted to being an ignorant fanboy

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The way they talk about it, they really take creating a game universe literally.

A 20 year plan tells us they want to create a living breathing universe in which everything is connected in a myriad of ways. A lofty goal...

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I dont own any of these anymore and will highly consider getting them since the value of the ones I never had is still more or equal to the asking price of the collection.

Sweet friggin deal.

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Played it not too long ago. It was awesome way back when, but it hasn't held up. This is just a cheap nostalgia cash in, do yourself a favor and just emulate it or bust out your genesis.

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I'm disappointed in the lack of heat these articles are getting. WTF N4G. You disappoint yet again.

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Xbox 1080 is a likely candidate. They can't go with 720 because they'll likely want to show off the fact that it can do 1080p games and 720 would be confusing to mom and pop customers, so if they were to go with any increases in degrees, 1080 is the logical choice

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"Hitler was an OK guy"

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Indeed. The online has been fixed for quite a while. My 2011 GOTY by far.

People should be ashamed of themselves for not playing that game.

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He wasn't denying that. In fact he CLEARLY mentions it.

“The photo-realism graphics race eats up a lot of hardware bandwidth for what could be used for interesting, different features and styles of gameplay."

Thus BF3 is obviously the type of game he's referring to when referencing photo realism. Take that and compare it to Borderlands 2 or Viva Pinata, then you'll know what people are talking about here.

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For the love of games, people, do not buy this game. Send Capcom a message, that for once, we wont garble just any shit that comes of the factory line.

If you absolutely must play this game, buy it used.

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Context people...context. He was talking about art design

"There is another reason Arkane wanted to light it's world: art.

"You might have noticed that our artists went kind of crazy to create the most detailed and interesting world," said Dinga Bakaba, game designer and associate producer, "so it was kind of contradictory to put some pitch black areas where you can't see very well."

"It was killing the v...

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Focus groups are the antithesis to artistic integrity. Period.

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whoa, I think played this like 4 years ago. Better late than never, its a pretty cool game.

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Dream looks awfully mundane for its namesake, but FractOSC and Trip look like they are worth tumbling down the rabbit hole for

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*post obviously sarcastic post on N4G, get disagrees from oblivious 12 year olds*

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Its a fighting game. People are going to troll in anyway they can.

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Yea its almost like its a job or something

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