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How about Yoshimitsu!

If Yoshimitsu got his own Bayonetta/DMC game I'd shit myself and choke on the air I'm breathing. Then I'd get help to breath again from an EMT and play the everliving crap out of that game.

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You mean like they made people pay for the visual customization

One of the most obvious missing features though, is the animation for a close range kill shot. There should be an execution style premade animation but instead you shoot in the opposite direction...

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If you never got the hang of it, how can you judge how much people will take to it and for how long?

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I wouldn't own half my library if I made such rash judgements. Learning curves vary, so should your patience.

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Yes, it wont be held back by consoles.

It will be held back by generic shooting galleries and a lack of imagination.

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Using the narrative as a counter argument only gives the opposition more chance to attack violent games. You need to defend the violence itself in order to break down their argument.

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I've been replaying Dark Souls with new characters for fun. Each time I get more efficient and get to areas faster just by virtue of having played the game enough to know where to go.

They are just doing the same thing but with actual strategies and such. Whats with the hate on people who love the game and want to find new challenges for themselves?

Oh they have "no life" right? I'm sure we could take a look at a list of your save files and...

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There was a time, you know, back in the PS2 days where games were criticized for framerate slowdown.

Slowdown from 60 to *30*.

How times have changed

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Not if the level design makes the game difficult. Things like Sen's Fortress wouldn't even exist in a game that was designed for easy modes and then added a hard mode later.

Games have to be designed to be enjoyed as either an easy game or a hard game, in order to truly satisfy either party.

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"something isn't therefore that something should never be"

Pretty much the definition of being close-minded.

I don't care about the Wii-U and especially not sports games, but the lack of logic here is astounding.

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Dumbest thing I've ever seen on this site

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Unless you *really* like minesweeper

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Its true you can use the same strategy on a lot of bosses, but you still have to look for the tells and distinguish the attacks from each other.

Puzzle bosses can be really hit or miss. Personally I liked the Bed of Chaos. It wasn't nearly as random as people make it out to be. Once you know where the floor drops you're pretty much set.

But if the fight drags on for 30 minutes because you cant figure out the solution, it loses its epic feel. I wouldn...

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thats not definite.

All we know is its running on pc.

But as we know games can look next gen on PC and still be scaled to run on current tech.

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"Depression, suicidal thoughts and abused or screwed childhood could turn ghandi into a serial killer. "

Saying shit like this will just start another type of witch hunt. People who are depressed, suicidal, and have had a screwed childhood are still PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE.

Thats all there is to it. There's nothing else to blame but the people who DECIDE to do these things.

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Thats assuming its the consoles holding them back, and not the publisher making them go more linear COD style.

If its the former, then they absolutely should just forget about consoles. But if its the latter then they're fucked either way...

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Or ones that simply did not fit the pacing and structure of the game they were building towards, or things that just weren't fun.

Cut content doesn't imply GOOD content. If anything it implies that it wasn't.

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The netcode is amazing...

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You can answer almost any statement he makes with "but borderlands 2"

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Your first problem was expecting a single player experience out of a fighting game.

Get some friends to play with you...

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