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"Games are supposed to be a way to relax and unwind, to put the stress and strain of a busy day behind you" Supposed to be? Who made you king? I play games for a rush, not a tranquilizer.

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lol its not even an article but it really doesn't deserve the time of day anyway

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I do miss some aspects of xbox live, but I doubt I'll be thinking about them on my 30th lap in GT5 on Laguna Seca with some slick Le Mans beast of a car

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CUSTOM GAMES. FINALLY. only a decade after goldeneye/perfect dark did it to the extreme too. ffs.

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"Everyone loves this game so I have to try hard 2 b different and hate it. I am a giant cliche"

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please please please have space dogfights like x-wing, etc. I played a great hl2 mod where you had dogfights in space then you had to dock the enemy ship and set up us the bomb.... it would have been awesome if more than 10 people played it lol

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was the last time you saw him outside of lucky 38? after you go in the first time they are on "wait" command. Otherwise they might have had some pathing bug and will show up out of no where an hour later and scare the shit out of you.

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Boone is so noob-y to have around (playing on hard, still OP), I let him die and didn't reload, he did all the work before I could even smack a bitch 10 feet into the air with my bumper sword

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calling it now: you don't buy games unless said it was 1337

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Are blowjobs still awesome?

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at least SOMEONE else in the universe thinks portal references are lame. yes portal was a good game. yes the cake was a lie. yes the song in the credits was the time. get over it.

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the problem is that the success of the easy games affects the production of the difficult ones. Companies will point to the sales of the easy games and make the developers tone it down to appeal to a "broader" audience which in the history of music, film, and radio ALWAYS ends in disaster.

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The worst part is that developers KNOW they are dumbing their games down but are forced to do so against their wishes so that johnny-dumb-shit doesn't get "frustrated". Frustration is very subjective, because very often its synonymous with "challenge" and when johhny-dumb-shit finishes smoking a bowl he doesn't like to think too much. I really hope this phase passes before we end up with the Hollywood of videogames. Next thing you know "Born to be wild" w...

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Gamers are pretty retarded in general. Yes, me, yes you, ALL OF US. Now stop pretending like you know more about game design than a developer.

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Nice ad hominem. I played halo 1 2 and 3. If halo only had hunters elites and brutes it would be a different story. But it doesn't it ruins any consistency that those more serious encounters bring by sending in laughing midgets along side them. It was fine in the first two halo's, but to bring them back again and again just took me out of the experience completely. I don't want "ULTRA VIOLENCE" or "BRUTAL EXECUTIONS" either, I want the game to be believable in ...

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you missed the point. they have all that serious power, yet they have those idiot midgets everywhere you look. Its silly and completely out of place in an "epic" story

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yes, no, no, no, no, no, no, sequel, no, NO. Just because the games were good back then, doesn't mean devs should waste their time and resources on a reboot.

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i lol'd

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us fat ass spoiled oil rich arrogant americans are beta testing for you, be grateful. :D

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