Come hither, thy brethren.
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That was a mistake

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inb4 the circle jerk

"You don't get it!"

"Its not about this! Its about that!"

"but but but they pwomised!!"

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3D hasn't got a fair shot since its mostly tacked on at a low framerate.

The judder that people experience, and thus most of their headache, is because 3D requires a much higher framerate/refresh rate than 2D.

I want to see a 120hz 3D experience before I write off 3D forever.

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Or you could take steps to get a fair share of anonymity and let us know early ;)

1. Go to your library
2. Make a new account using their computers
3. Release the goods
4. Watch the hype ensue.

Just sayin'

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When will they learn all they need to do is give us a destructible city and point us in the right direction

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"Do you remember that song that was everywhere on the radio a few years ago? The one that you absolutely hated? I’ll bet you that if I asked you what it was called, you wouldn’t remember"

Right out of the gates the author assumes everyone in the world listens to mainstream garbage. How fitting for a COD fanboy.

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Winner of the internet on 5/17/12 goes to CALIBANN!

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Imagine this game with the anomalies of S.T.A.L.K.E.R added in too





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RDR is overrated. Only because Marston never shut the fuck up.

"And thats why I hate the gov't sir, like a real man a durp durp durp"

Bring back the silent protagonist! You know, CARL JOHNSON

Silent protagonists are the only way to make open world games where you can choose to kill 1000 people or not make sense. Like someone else said, Marston wasn't the type of guy to go around killing random people. Carl Johnson was whatev...

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Thats a lot of boats...but uhh...does anyone really like the water segments in GTA?

Seems like a waste of assets and time unless they get water physics down right, and lets face it, not many games ever do or even try.

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Thats true now

but what about in 10 years when you can choose to play on a mild home built rig...

...or a multi-million dollar super computer cluster pumping out graphics nobody could ever afford to build on their own? Not only that but one that upgrades itself and is consistently pushing boundries no hardware production line could ever keep up with?

Eventually there will be no competition whatsoever. That time is not now, however, but it is...

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You're acting like a giant cliche.

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theres a core truth to what Chuk5 is saying.

People are dumb. They buy whats hyped up. Heavy ad campaigns can make people buy pure shit and the lack of them can make seriously cool games go unnoticed except by those who follow gaming news heavily.

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Fun Fact: brought to you in part by the creator of Soldat.

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4-5 year dev cycle isn't even enough for an mmo anymore. Won't be long before the games need 10 years of straight development without any breaks from licensing issues or publisher bs.

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I can't bring myself to play Lone Survivor anymore. Even with 2D its terrifying me.

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In his mind maybe

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...with daddy issues

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You win the thread.

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"Sam Lake, the brains behind Max Payne's genius storytelling is not writing the story for MP3. "

And thats why I will not get this game. It may look and sound like Max Payne at times...but the soul just wont be there.

Max Payne 1 and 2 weren't just "gangster movies" come to videogames. They were SURREALIST. Psychedelic Noir. The surrealism was achieved through more than just excessive visual filters like they are trying to do with ...

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