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That's not a monitor lol That's a 55 inch TV that doesn't come with a remote.

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I wonder if it's a problem with the PS4 and now PS5. They should be able to support any 16:9 resolution up to 4k, and downscale or upscale as needed.

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There's only so much you can do with super fast loading speeds. Racing games exclusive to PS5? Everything that is 3rd party might just have more pop in or load stutter on the slower consoles and PC configs. I honestly don't think things will change all that much design wise. Just higher resolution textures and 4k gaming being the norm.

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Okay.. how do you play this game though? Are you supposed to hold the broom? I'm just picturing in my head what that might look like to someone who sees you playing this.

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My favorite PS4 games are Bloodborne, Persona 5, and Uncharted 4 including Lost Legacy as it is the standalone DLC for it. Really hope there's a Bloodborne 2 one day.

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I didn't know DQ9 existed until after hearing about DQ10.

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PS5 VR exclusivity? That is just stupid. What kills me is that RE7 can work on PC using Vorpx. It probably would have taken Capcom about an hour or two to add built in VR support for the PC version and yet they didn't.

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Resident Evil VIII

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No matter how hard I try, I cannot enjoy the gameplay of this game. It's just not fun, no matter how much better at it I get. I'm still enjoying it as far as the presentation and story go. And the one on one fights as Cloud are fun. But having to control all the characters at once constantly rotating to build up ATB just isn't working for me. The AI should be better so I can just use who I want and have fun.

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Something a lot of reviews have in common is that this game is short. Some of the physics were removed just like in the demo. And no clock freaking clock tower. Kind of disappointed. I didn't plan on buying it right away anyway since I'm gonna play FF7R first but still very disappointed.

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If you're building a gaming PC or buying one, you're getting a lot more out of the deal than just playing HL Alyx. And that VR headset can do more than just HL Alyx. The game costs 60 bucks.

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TBF, I have a 3700x and emulation isn't a big problem. Can even play PS3 games via an emulator at full speed with some of them. I'm sure Sony, if they wanted to, could have the PS5 emulate the older generation of consoles. Emulation wasn't really possible before because of the terrible CPU, but it's definitely possible with Zen 2.

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I personally would love a new Uncharted game. I'm just not sure how many people who actually worked on Uncharted in big roles are even left at this point. And honestly, I kind of disliked the more "grounded" approach to Uncharted 4. Naughty Dog has changed as a studio overall and their games will reflect that. I feel like we'll get less original Uncharted, and more Last Of Us like games moving forward.

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They definitely suck. It sucks when great games are 30FPS exclusives.

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iPhones aren't worth 1000 dollars. And most people know this and don't actually buy them for 1000 dollars they get them with new phone plans. So unless XSeX comes discounted or free with the purchase of a GamePass subscription it needs to be a reasonable price.

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Ghost Ship The Game

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To me it should. I mean, everyone likes different things and 2018 didn't have too many games I was super excited for. I don't care for westerns, never been into GOW, and despite being a huge Fallout fan I didn't even bother with FO76. My favorite games this year were Dragon Quest 11 and Mega Man 11.
But next year has RE2, hopefully TLoU 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, I'm warming up to Anthem a little bit, the new Metro, Shadows Die Twice, Doom Eternal (maybe), Code Vein, hell ...

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For nearly 600 dollars it better be the best..

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Dude said this was probably an alpha LOL It launches in a month it better not still be in alpha. And why would they show alpha footage to get sales for their game? Bethesda games have never looked great honestly, FO4 was okay until you seen some of the textures straight outta 2006.

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I've been playing nothing but this game since it released. Between story, quests, battles and mini games I'm over 150 hours in already. I will mention here that when I first started playing I didn't notice the difficulty options at the name selection screen. I played the first 10+ hours of the game on normal difficulty and started to get bored with it. Once I started over with stronger monsters on it felt so much better, because on normal you pretty much just one shot everything. ...

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