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*Sips Tea*

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Hey are using the old red and blue 3D not the Stereoscopic one which is what only the PS3 can do. (besides PC) I think it's a downgrade. The fact that they are using this type of 3D shows that they just threw it in

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So The Tag Mode seemed to be a big focus in this lol Japan has hotspots and stuff, but in the states we don't have so many.... Idk how this feature would be at it's fullest potential here

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Sorry. But the games shown appeal to us. I don't need to look at someones opinion to justify my purchases. I'm buying this at launch

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No :/

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^^^^^ you do have a point. It had the MGS5 tag in the Metal Gear PW reveal, but was since then removed o___o idk

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Only problem I ever had with Multiplats is how limiting it can be. With the Devs worrrying about both versions being on par it takes more time and requires cut content to do it. -___- otherwise I don't really care about it being multiplat. PLUS like I said before: SCEJ had a big part in DS so it's not gonna be the same :/ enjoy the game though 360 fans. I loved DS :D

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Pixel Junk Lifelike. The Musou Game is exclusive. And Project Dark is exclusive in Japan if that counts *kanye shrug* there's still a ton of exclusives announced this year, so I didn't expect many new game announcements.

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They called it Project Dark because Sony owns the Trademark. It's Exclusive in Japan though. But Namco is publishing it for both platforms in NA/EU ... I'm still excited but.... SCEJ Produced DS sooo.... They aren't helping From Software on this I guess... Bummer. Also with the Multiplat thing: it's gonna be a mess. The Servers might be going the P2P route NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Damn!

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So it's playable at TGS. hmm Btw to anyone wondering : this is the sequel. Not double dip game lol

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The who*e that sleeps with all the rappers and sells them out for fame and Money lol

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WHAT's your source? GoGamer?

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Keep dreaming

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Um DreamEye was just a web cam... Nice try though. U MAD?

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MAAAAAART!! :D where have you been? LMAO still the same old. :3

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.........I thought Alan Wake was the best looking title in ANY console? Guess not LOL

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Funny, the title says "Best Looking" but they use a Bullshot as the photo... :X

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Tsk tsk, is no one aloud an opinion around here? And WTF is wrong with being a fanboy? Does that hurt you in someway? I think we are all hyped because we had 0 info on Versus and now that we have some we can't be excited?

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Nooo... They were both announced at the same exact time, and people leaned more towards Versus as the better looking FF. and IMHO This is what FFXIII shouldve been, besides Nomura is directing it so this will take a giant turd on FFXIII

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HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!! NOMURA SAVED FF!!! FFXIII can suck it! This game takes a shii* on FFXIII, this is the real FFXIII

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