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Honestly I wish everyone like this could just go live on some other planet together, they can all go be offended about everything by themselves and leave all us rational thinkers out of it.

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honestly seeing articles like this constantly is getting old. There will always be immature edgy humor online because online is mostly filled with kids. If you're gonna perma ban every single person who makes an edgy joke you might as well just ban everyone. Or just a thought, you put the warning saying "online interactions aren't rated" and you aren't responsible for what happens online and then leave it at that, instead of selectively reacting to fake outrage and banni...

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If anything piracy probably helps console sales, its software sales that it would effect negatively, if anything. I think you're a bit confused. Anyway, congrats Nintendo!

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Lol feenix is delusional. I literally was able to download Smash Ultimate from Reddit yesterday and have been playing since, was really easy to do, I could tell you spoilers as proof, but I won't cause i'm not a jerk. And yes I bought the game, even the Smash Ultimate Switch even though I already had a Switch since launch. but that's also why I didn't mind hacking one of my switches, cause I have 2 now.

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That doesn't change the fact this is needless censorship. The effect something has doesn't change what it is.

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If there is another Zelda on the way it will either be a spin off or a 3DS game.

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Man, the Gamecube was so underrated.

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Dude, it's 2018 how are you so ignorant to not know it's pronounced Kee-KAY in mexico and is a nickname for someone who's name is Enrique pronounced En-Ree-KAY. How much of a bubble do you live in? Try to delve into other cultures once in a while. Leave your ignorant bubble bud.

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Honestly I am concerned for the future of gaming. Not from all fronts, but Nintendo at the very least. Nintendo seems to only be making their games easier and easier. The Pokemon games are a perfect example. I've been turned off by the last couple entries because honestly they might as well play themselves they are so easy, and from all reviewers and consumers this has gone without any push back, everyone is fine with easy games.

Then Nintendo releases the Let's GO...

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You are 100% right, so it baffles me that people defend games even easier then those. It defies logic. EddieNX showing his hypocrisy again.

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Seriously I am so confused as to why people think Breath of the Wild was so revolutionary. I played through the entire game and have over 100 hours logged into the game. What made it so great? That when you fight a group of enemies in the wild to get the chest behind them the chest simply contains an item you could find laying around in the wild that didn't require you wasting weapons and potential food. Or the fact that there were a lot of mini shrines all over the place that were extrem...

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Damn MS really making moves, maybe next gen will actually be intersting, I cancelled my GamesPass due to nothing interesting to keep me paying for it, but them adding all these new titles and if they add all the games these new studios are going to be making to games pass, i'm completely sold, I think in concept the GamesPass is a great deal, if NIntendo and Sony had one I would get it in a heart beat.

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Are they taking notes straight from how to kill a franchise 101?

1. They release a sequel that adds almost nothing new to an already bland and extremely repetitive formula (which led to low sales and extremely lower play times then the first installment).

2. They screw over loyal players again by releasing many DLC packs which also add almost nothing new and are over priced, but you are almost forced to buy to stay relevant in the game if you actually car...

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As an Italian I am very offended, I am demanding all Mario games and merchandise with Mario on it be immediately destroyed as to avoid offending me any more.

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100% it simply encourages people with nothing better to do to find more stuff offensive and give their lives a little bit of meaning thinking they did something good by getting it removed. I mean jesus, how arrogant do you have to be to even think like this?

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Just another case of youtube selectively enforcing it's "rules" to push their agenda, honestly its tiring to see at least one of these articles every week (not specifically on here) and even more tiring to see simpletons agree with it, it's like your critical thinking skills would have to be literally non existent to agree with this train of thought, you simply hear the intentionally demonizing article and just immediately go along with it because they instantly think "...

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If anything a "libtard" would be offended by this... I don't think you understand what a "libtard" is...

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Look this article is idiotic, Smash Ultimate will do HUGE numbers. It's easily gonna push hardware as well, but these nitnendo loyalists like Neondir need to get a grip and stop throwing Pokemon out there like these Let's Go games are anything special. Will they do ok? Of course, it's pokemon, but will do anywhere close to the numbers the main series does? I would bet not. They aren't major titles, they're literally the old games but with upresed 3DS models with Pokemon go...

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Only for them to rot in a week, should have done it with wood.

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The community did not learn their lesson at all.

Just go on the World of Light trailer. All you see is people calling it the new subspace and talking about how great the story is gonna be despite the fact that Sakurai literally told us it is not like subspace and they chose to focus on gameplay instead of story.

The community literally learned nothing and are still setting their expectations way too high.

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