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demo ?

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this has nothing to do with the official bundle, this is up on the site for at least 2 weeks

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geee that sucks

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I'm nearly 100% in ac4, just don't want to play it to much, as I will have one more turn with it on ps4 :) and I clearly see the improvements, mostly on environment effects, just saying it's nothing to worry about here as games will just get better :) but thanks pal it was a worthy comment :)

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and than of course put next to it most wanted 2013 :) just to be fair :)

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does anyone remember nfs most wanted on the first xbox and than on 360? wasn't a big change, just some shiny upgrade, for me it was identical to what's happening now with ac4

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my eye pet could find its worthy place, pity I'm in uk

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or yeti hand :)

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hope I can customize my hand :) would be fun :)

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wow, didn't see that before,would like to see how the car looks after that. btw if u check it in slow mo u can see something dodgy about that crash just in the moment the car touches the line. but definitely looks great :)

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really start to like this game, especially since they showing people who can actually play this game properly :)

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there u go :)

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bloody hell, my ps4 will never get a rest for a while, or only when I'm sleeping or at work. even when u are on toilet, or before sleep in bed, or when the others watching something on tv, u can be with it. so happy I bought my vita day one and now I don't need to keep money for that and I can use every single function on my ps4, I will sure buy a camera too :)
would be nice a camera plus game bundle for £419, and for those who don't have a vita an ultimate bundle wi...

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honestly, this sand looks crap...

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that's why I would`ve loved if they kept the orbis name. its just sound so good :)

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sure, my $1500 laptop cant max out bf3 on 1080p with oc... but u might be right.

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buy a pc for $4000 if u want those nice graphics. we poor guys will be alright with kz sf running on 1080p :)

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u can turn on remote start on ps3 right now, turn the system off and then u can turn it on wherever u are in the world with your vita, psp, laptop. this is not a new function, but good to know it will work in ps4 as well.

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wow lots of vita titles :)

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