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so this says I could buy a pc for $700 and play everything on ultra and 1080p. but no uncharted? Last of us? God of War? The Order? Drive Club? Infamous? etc...? Well no thanks I will be alright on High settings and 900p or whatever, better save that extra $300 above my ps4 and buy all this games from it.

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probably the wiiU isn't strong enough to handle KH3, but what u saying is makes perfect sense

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one thing for sure, I can run any game on much higher settings than an x360 or ps3, for example F1 2013 ultra no AA on 900p with around 30fps. or tomb raider almost ultra, no tress fx, no AA 900p around 30fps. or far cry 3 almost ultra, shadows medium, no AA, 900p around 30 fps. I could run SHIFT 2 on ultra 1080p around 30fps, these are much better settings than the x360 or ps3 ones. but than with the current gen started, I couldn't run AC4 properly, even on low I had problems.

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thanks for reply :) I thought so btw as I couldn't really play ac4 better than low settings. anyway going to get it on ps4, was only wondering :)

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so basically my 4 core i7 with a gt650m will nearly run it on ultra?

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I know it will sound fanboyish, but for my taste drive club looks much better, with all them shadows, lights, and environment. Also when did they started to develop Project Cars? 4 years ago?

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well I thought I will drop my balls when I`ve seen this windscreen for the firs time.

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I hope if they see more and more asking about ps4 release, they will make it happen. obviously something like this is the purpose of this.

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I had to sell my ps3, so I really hope it will come to ps4 or to the VITA. I would be more happy with a ps4 release.

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there is one game among others what I`m really waiting to hear more, I was waiting for that game a whole generation without any news, until last E3. and yet nobody says anything about it again. I HOPE WE WILL SEE SOME KINGDOM HEARTS 3 GAMEPLAY ON THE SONY CONFERENCE !!!!!

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will be good fun

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just came to say the same, gamers will deinetly win this year :)

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easy, just shoot them first party titles .

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I`m sure I`ll play it trough once with them commentaries on :)

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why is that this is the game I'm most waiting for? I have the platinum also I have the Joel edition and digitally as well :)

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I will drop my balls if they show tlou 2 on e3 ! this u4, gerilla'a new game, maybe something from MM, and Santa Monica and the nuclear bomb is set

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hope we will control Ellie in the full game this time, she is proper strong person. also hope she'll try to go to eu to find others

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I hope it's COD 5

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these are quiet obvious ones.

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tasty .)

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