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at least this is sure comes this year

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come to papa already :D this game seems to go back to the roots of AC.

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it was painful, but some thing are true

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it was here a while ago, said sony bend wont be on e3 or something like that

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if they will show a new star ocean I might apology them :D and kh2.5 on ps4 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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there will be gamescom in august

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well, proper disappointed me. start to feel there will be no big hits on e3, other than the yearly titles and one or two obvious ones. No Gerilla Games new title, no Media Molecule, no KH3, no FFXV, no sony bend studio`s game. I`m sure we will still see some awesome stuff but still disappointed

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I hope the us/ eu special edition will be similar to kh 1.5

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criterion`s new game has already been announced: battlefield

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really? I'm not at home now, but if this true than I'm proper happy with the update

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shame. was hoping they make it like, when u put in a combo it will have different animations depending on the environment. still need to use the same button combination but the characters making different animations. would have been awesome

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so it is not only us than

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I bet u guys are one person

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I`m in :D

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wow, I think its pretty impressive, cant see much of a difference other than, resolution, hbao missing on ps4 and some AA. even if I know ps4 is a high pc settings it looks pretty good

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:D they have around 4 hours to celebrate :D until sony comes to the stage :)

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looks great, I`ve seen it yesterday in a stream. btw, gran turismo 5 had this feature. I know that's a racing game...

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I have a laptop for those, but pc exclusives are mostly strategy games, and im not really into those. The only game interest me in X1 is Viva Pinata if that comes out, but if it does, it sure will come to pc as well.

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BUT, for a Pc gamer this is a decent price and set up !!!

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