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I knew it he cant be gay after the trailer, he wasn`t acting like one.

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gee when this gonna finish? well sure after the game releases cause it will be a blast

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this lictures were released last year as well with a different assassins creed name, the information might be real but the pics are sure fake

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ok, I see it's not only me than who don't give a shit if there is a woman or not. I see these guys in AC like old friends who going to assassinate the shit out of those bloody Templars :)

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i think he simply looks like Nolan North now.

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than consoles would die

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its not about patience... I`m getting old... that's it...

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like in the past 6 years

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finally it looks like the sizes are similar to real life. just look how small that assassin who is standing on the roof

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same every year... don't really care, love e3. 3 days of gaming haven.

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Like really? so this supposed to be one of the huge announcement?

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psp is became awesome after a hard start. patapon and loco roco was just awesome, shame there are no new episodes with added touch and motion controls on the VITA

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well that FFXVI is next gen already :( as things happening these days :(

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I think u watched too many Watch Dogs comparison videos from E3 to release...

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learned not to sit o the hype train, but THIS IS E3 !!! just cant hold my hopes back :)

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are u serious with these comments?

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love this guy :D and Thuaway too :D

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this is my yearly game I can always count on :D

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downgrade from what? have u seen any gameplay yet? also its only next gen, im pretty sue it will look better than Watch Dogs if I can compare the 2

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even revelations was a nice chapter to close down Ezio`s story, I didn't like the places and the bombs and stuff, but kind of lied the story chasing up the past

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