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good pc games
Witcher 2 (the graphics beat Uncharted 2)
Total War series
plus, Elder scolls 5 and similar games are better on pc because of modding.

I like the PS3 as well, but to say the pc has nothing to offer is ridiculous and in many ways the pc is even better.

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The 360 was just about maxed out upon delivery. This is because it is very easy to program for since its exactly like a pc. The PS3 took a while to max out because they use the cell processor which makes the console operate very differently from your standard pc. Even today we are trying to figure out what this cell processor can do and it is becoming evident that it suits gaming better then a traditional processor.

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They are a small studio that doesn't have the resources to develop for all three at the same time. None the less it is one bad ass game.

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and the video is gone

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IBM Power-based multi-core processor

ok... Why aren't they listing the core number and procesor speeds?

Graphics card... Not even listed

Those are the most important parts to compare.

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I'm most happy that this years trend shows games going a more hardcore route. With a elder scolls game as the most anticipated game, it shows that gamers are ready for more complex games. Last year we had almost every game geared towards a more casual market with more fps's and the watering down of rpg's (I'm looking at you dragon age 2 and FF13). It looks like Sykrim will finally break that trend and we can get back to playing games the way they were supposed to be played in ...

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I'm just glad to see a elder scrolls game getting this much attention.

Who would have ever thought that wrpg's would surpass the fps craze? It's good to see more complex games gaining popularity.

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Forza as a multi-million selling franchise, um no. That is a game that needs to be hyped.. and if memory serves me they also need to trash talk the grand trismo series to get noticed...

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The Winners...

EA - Battlefield3 (innovative graphics)
Bethesda - Elder Scrolls (gained the most hype out of every game)

The Losers....
Activision - Call of Duty Series (it's losing ground)

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My console won yet again. It's amazing how they always win!

edit - I'm sure people.... like you have no bias towards which ever console you own. That must not exist on this site.

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finally a game for those with high end graphics cards. This is what crysis 2 should have been (for pc users at least).

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You can play Modern Warfare 2 if you want a sneek peak at this games graphics.

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I wish they showed the pc version. I'm not to say the 360 version is bad, but I'd like to see the full graphic capabilities of this game.

@the dissagree. PC's have better graphics capabilities then consoles, check witcher 2 for proof.

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Microsoft really wants developers using kinect features.

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”Battlelog will be available for the monthly fee of (drum roll)… zero dollars. ” EA

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For a game of that size and scope, those are really good graphics. I'm not sure if the graphics are going to be better then witcher 2 (a game of 15 gigs), but Skyrim will be much longer and have more world to explore. That's the trade off.

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Actually U3 is on the list. It's kind of confusing how they did it because it is broken up into 3 parts.


look at the middle / bottom of this link for the full list of games. (in 3 parts)

Halo4 and Gears3 were also on this list that didn't make the top 5. It looks like people want multi platform ga...

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This may be the last game of it's kind. It is definitely worth checking out!

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Is Uncharted 3 going to be unveiled at E3? If not that is why it's not on the list.

@ below. I'm not sure about either.. I was just asking because it did seem strange U3 wasn't on the list. The title seems to suggest the list of games are games that will be shown at E3.

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Call of Duty isn't on the list.. That is probably the best part of this list. I'm hoping the First Person Shooter craze ends soon.

Western rpg's seem to be on the rise and of course the elder scrolls series has a lot to do with that.

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