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actually its a joke making fun of ps3 fanboys like you who constantly show up in NPD crying "USA is not the world."

I couldnt care less about sales in France. I dont live there and I already have my 360 and Ps3.

I jnust think its funny that I will see many ps3 fanboys in this article patting each other on the back, but in NPD the sales of one country "don't matter" because its "not the world."

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Who cares, god sony fanboys France is not the world geez. Its not even the bigest gaming market....

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well I have it on 360 and it worked perfectly. I finished it with no lag at all. but I would expect this damage control on N4g from ps3 fanboys pretending like the 360 version is nearly as crap as the ps3 version.

Ps3 version has worse visuals and lags like crazy way earlier than what this guy claims his does.

forum post is news?? lol probably just a ps3 fanboy. 360 version is fine, ps3 version sucks bad. Get over it.

If the 360 ve...

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well, Ive already finished the game on 360 and had no lag at all.

I started a new game after tho so mine never got to 180 hours or whatever this guy claims.

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sure sony fanboy. My ps3 is collecting dust. No one, including microsoft, cares about whatever sony game you are talking about.

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yeah sure ps3 fanboy. Like you played AW anyways. Im just glad they are making more of it. I will buy it just like I got AW.

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Im having alot of fun and only had a few small glitches. Once I had to reload a save because a dragon was frozen in the sky, but other than that Ive loved the game so far.

I just started my second game where I will do alot of side quests and join the rebellion. I want revenge on the imperials for almost chopping my head off for no reason at the begining.

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I started my second game and joined the rebellion. Now its awesome going around killing imperials and elves and stuff.

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If they knew about the problem from past games and couldnt fix it then I think that they should have just not made a PS3 version, but that would make people even more angry. because then everyone, including people with no problems on the ps3 like you, would be angry at them for not making a ps3 version.

I really dont see why they cant do something to fix this tho. Whatever they need to do they should do it. Weather it is have the bodies/objects dissappear after a while....

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I had all these games on the list but I was also thinking of super mario world and Soul Calibur when I read this.

I also really liked condemened criminal origins too. I thought it was much better than the second one. I didnt get a 360 at launch so I didnt know it was a launch game, but it was one of the best early 360 games that I played once I got one.

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I agree. I had all of these games and they were all great.

You could also put Super mario world and Soul calibur on there too if you wanted to make the list longer.

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The first one on SNES. Well thats the only one that I owned, but the n64 one was alot of fun too.

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forget tihs game, they need to make a shadow complex 2.

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but Id love to know what games THQ thinks they have that gamers would pay a subscription for. hahahha

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I dont care who played it or not.

I bought it and I really liked it. Im going to get this next AW game for sure.

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wow, look at all the people on the defensive acting all butthurt calling people liars.

LOL, my copy of skyrim works great and has never had a problem at all, so I guess all those people with problems playing skyrim are liars and are just trying to bring Bethesda down. Right sony fanboys? just like these complainers are trying to bring sony down??

but I guess you sony fanboys do have a point. As far as Im concerned this might not be caused by the firmwa...

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I have had no problems on the 360 version at all. I havent installed it and didnt get the latest patch, but thats because I have had no problems at all so far and I dont want the patch to mess it up.

and since this is about the 360 version it makes sense as alot of people like me who are having no problems could start having some after downloading the patch.

I know there are problems for some people, but Im having a great time as mine is fine as long as ...

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im sure there will also be arcade games that work on both consoles. Sony too im sure.

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well id still give it a great score since I have not had any problems at all. I didnt download the latest patch tho, but I dont need to since the game works perfectly on my 360. Im just going to keep playing off the disk and not get the patch as I dont really have any issues I need fixed so far.

Ive had no stuttering framerate, no flying backwards dragons, no problem absorbing dragon souls, no freezing, no quest problems, etc. I know that some people have these problems,...

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yeah I was gonna get the patch for 360 so I could install the game but I hear the patch sucks.

I actually havent had any problems at all with it on 360 besides not being able to install. So I decided to not get the patch and just play it off the disk still since it works perfectly now and I think the patch may mess it up.

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