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Ubi is holding as many of them back as they design.

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"Better, bigger, more revolutionary".

yawn. all words.

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you are a sheep.


MS is in on it too. but slow kids argue over who is the best.

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you are a sheep. he tells you and you believe it.

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sure as fuck isnt Sony or MS propaganda.

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fighting over who is the worst smelling turd in the bowl. LOL

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well played

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Supercharged PC. - Mark Cerny


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Sony does no wrong ever, except for child labor in the Congo. but who cares right? They are the bestest!

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GabeN was right. again.

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let the man get lost in the carnival. i bet you do the same and don't even realize it.

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that is a 2 sided coin. so called gamers let these developers do it over and over again and they do and say nothing.

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the game shouldn't be released if there is issues. selling a product that is incomplete and does not work as intended is fraud.

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a person named YinYangGaming is talking about the shadow gov't and telling everyone it doesn't exist. now that's rich.

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said person calls another lazy without knowledge of that person. perfect sheep. the masonary likes.

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Ubi has to keep up with the lies. why stop now?

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Like...for reals?

you dont like it so it must be garbage.

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they can do what ever they want. its their OS, they own it, they can close it whenever they want.

open your eyes. go read the TPP.

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they never gave love. this is what they've wanted from the beginning of windows. Bill Gates is a dick zionist that has had this vision when he stole windows from Jobs. now it is finally coming to fruition.

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all the slow kids were all over MS saying how great they are. they arent great. neither is Sony. look at their histories of child labor in the congo and laundering drug money. they are as corrupt as it gets, yet you slow kids worship them.

you worship a piece of hardware that keeps your eyes focused on the carnival, instead of the evils they commit.

i knew from the second MS wanted to come to PC, they were going to do this shit. GabeN knew as well, h...

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