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I don't believe this is the end of Kratos story. There is more to tell.

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Not for a while but eventually all physical media will be replaced by instantaneous high bandwidth streaming.
Movies, games etc.
It will take some time for the infrastructure to support that load but unfortunately it's the way future in this me

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Doesn't matter to me personally I have both services and will enjoy both.

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Couldn't see much of any difference in the update, small resolution boost, still bad level of distance, distance objects pop in and out when zoomed in.

Not much improvement in visual department as well. Textures are barely updated and still 60fps unlike most BR competitors with 120fps option.

Honestly it's barely an update at all. Half asses at best.

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I like ESO for what it has to offer but better then Skyrim, I don't think so.
There is a reason Skyrim is praised by almost everyone who played it. ESO can't compare.

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The issue is mandatory Warzone. It's 100gb and considered essential installation.

It doesn't need to be. If all I want to play is Modern Warfare online then Warzone should be optional install. Until that happens, I won't bother giving away 190gb to the game.

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Speak for yourself. Personally I found it good. Not great or bad just a normal update on some good games I'm looking forward to play.

Keep your expectations in check.

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I do agree that it is a excellent service however so is the Playstation Now.
There are many excellent games on it every month, same as Gamepass.

Its just weird that Sony isn't promoting the PS Now more or expending on its services further.

Both are great services.

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The game was announced for ps4 and Xbox one in 2012.

Stop making excuses.

They took the money under reputation well deserved with Witcher but they deliver unfinished product that isn't playable or in the playable state for those consoles.

They deserve the lawsuit and this should be a clear message for all developers.

Finish you game properly.

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You must be out of your mind...the bugs alone on every system doesn't warrant that score..

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Killzone was fantastic, single player was great even today and I have just over 100 hours with online portion.

Still a great game today.

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Putting all this fiasco behind us I'm pretty sure CDPR next game won't have the same pre order numbers again..

Earning trust is hard work but losing it only takes one lie.

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Hopefully those who worked on original Mass Effect are present. I loved ME2 but the first game was my favorite.

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It's the VGA's man.. The only good thing that happens is digital sales on the games for few days.

Otherwise I don't know anyone who takes them serious.

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Agreed. Unacceptable mess..

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Same here, my household also has original ps4 and Xbox one s.

I was able to mess around with the broken HDR and turned off most of the film grain, bloom, abbreviation etc in the video options menu.

It's at least playable to some extent..

Have to wait for the PS5 next Gen version..

Still no excuses for shitty work the base consoles received..

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Their reputation is ruined once they released that broken POS on the base consoles with unplayable state.

I can tell you now, I won't be making that mistake again with future CDPR games..

Shame on them, no excuses..

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I have played the game on PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox one S since we have the consoles through game share.
All I can say is that I'm very disheartened and sad that CDPR would release the game in this state...
On base consoles it's almost unplayable..

Blurry, muddy low resolution and low textures, mid teens FPS, broken HDR, pop in issues, streaming loading issues.. I could go on but there is no point.

Unacceptable by any means. This is...

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So is the Playstation Now.
You would have known that if you actually use the service..

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Hasn't been ruined in 25 years.

Stop your whining and buy the console/pc you wish to play games on...

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