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For one, Microsoft doesn't ship out new consoles when one gets sent in for repair. They stupidly send out refurbished units from the factory. Which I believe is the main reason, some people got RROD multiple times.

And they have used the term shipped before. Installed is different. Same with Sony. Same with Nintendo.

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Applying their logic should mean every "kiddy" game should go to the wii. With the all of the best games on the ps3 being shooters, thus far, that would mean LBP is a waste also. Right?

Cant knock his opinion, but logically he/they should state this about every game that comes out and fits that demographic.

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How many characters are on screen? This is ridiculous. I have never really cared about that in any game I have played/owned. Fun is fun no matter if there is 2 characters or 100. Who gives a $h!t.

You mean to tell me people had more fun with 99 knights than they did/do with Gears, Resistance, Mario 3? Exactly

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Why is it always about blu-ray? Maybe thats their main focus. I would liked to have received free games with my ps3 instead of a few movies. But to each his own.

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Resistance 2 reviews. I cant read. Get hooked on phonics then and call it a day. People cry about everything. The game is 40.00. I guess they did the fans a dis-service there also.

I dont even want the game and people are getting on my nerves, LOL.

But in a small way I can understand where he's coming from. But in another way I cant. If reading the text is that important, and you dont have the money for a decent HDTV, go out and buy the vga cord for the 360...

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at 1.19 SuperM

I absolutely hate it with a passion when devs state that they aren't using the full POWER of a system. And that comment you made just made me angry. Not with you of course.

1/3 the power of the ps3? If they know they are only using 1/3 the power then they know how much the full potential is. People eat this crap up. Same with the 360. We aren't touching the full capabilities. Who gives a crap. Just make a good game and no one will care if the c...

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Gears would not work with many players? A fact is a fact. It just wouldn't work.

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I somewhat agree, LOL. But then again a fanboy would say

"Its time to ban Microsoft from making a console"

has to go both ways.

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Never really cared. Probably never will. Glad to see good numbers from all companies though. Neither one of them should worry, unless they sell 0.

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Everyone of those games you mentioned are exclusive and the dev time, especially KZ2, even MGS4, was a long process. Im sure they had more resources on hand than a 3rd party dev. But now that they have their problem fixed, Im sure when they make another game for the ps3 it wont be that much of a problem if any.

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E.A. doesn't play when it comes to multiplatform................. .....but Crysis only on ps3? Whats up with that. I didn't like it too much for the pc so doesn't matter.

And, not to Hip Hop gamer but to the fanboys. Why do you guys call foul when Microsoft tries to buy a studio but when Sony does it its a good move? And why is Sony cheating when they buy a studio but Microsoft does it its good?

Liked the show, but when you started talking about the 360, you sh...

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Was so that Rockstar could finish the game. Without that money, GTA 4 wouldn't be out now and take 2 would probably be owned by E.A. because they would be bankrupt. In return for the 50 million, Rockstar is giving microsoft DLC. This is the first and more will be to come.

Was it worth it? Only time will tell. Have to see how many people buy them and the reviews. I really dont play GTA, except the occasional online with a few friends. So this doesn't matter to me at this ...

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Some of you grown A$$ men are still crying over a video game. Its a freakin video game. Who cares what system it goes to? And it shouldn't matter at this point. If the game isn't released within the first few weeks/months of initial hype it isn't gonna make a dent in sales. Look how people are downplaying Bioshock.

I just dont see how people can get all emotional with an electronic device.

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Cuz all I want is a Lamborghini, LOL. Murcielago or Gallardo. Doesn't really matter.

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Here we go with this crap again. Get a life people. Im not even gonna get into the arguments as I could make a case concerning my gamestop from both the sony/microsoft side.

Stop cryin.

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When I asked a question. Then stated that I could be wrong, LOL. I must've hurt some fanboys feelings but I dont even see how thats possible.

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Please explain. I can see Nintendo dropping a new console but not Microsoft. And yes, I could be wrong also.

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Its not very smart to buy a ps3 thinking you can play Mario Galaxy on it. Or to buy a 360 thinking you're getting MGS4. You could be sitting their, very smartly, with a ps3 and salivating at Gears of War 2, but you will never get to play it. Games should decide what you buy.

You have valid reasons for not wanting a 360, only because they are your own personal reasons, but just because its what you think, that doesn't mean its the best for everyone else.

And th...

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I think in the end the ps3 will outsell the wii and 360 only because of the brand name. Once the ps4 comes out, and they get the ps3 to a good price, like the ps2, then it will start to sell just like the ps1 and ps2 did. But it will take some years.

Then all the fanboys will come out and say I told you so.

You just cant beat that playstation brand name though.

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Why all these ps3 is god articles today? So what its not in 1st place, that doesn't mean it sucks. So what the xbox didn't come in first place last gen. I still had a blast with it. So what the wii is in first place, I sold mine because I thought it was crap. Why do people care what position their "game console" is in. So what the ps3 has blu-ray if someone wants to play Halo, all that ps3 tech is gonna mean nothing because they will just get a 360 to play Halo.


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