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Bill Gates: "Hey look at me! C'mon you guys, look look! Attention please, someone!!!!!!"

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What are you kidding me?!?! Rachel was a fukn insult to ngs which other than that was the ultimate version of ng. This guy may be a bit of a jerk but he's right, Rachel sections were BAD, get over it ya spinning fanboys

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Here's why: You are basically saying "it sucks, we all know it sucks so we should accept it" great thinking man, way'd go upholding the status quo, should we all stop caring about doing something against violence, disease, war etc too?

If gamer sucks he deserves it?! Do you get picked on a lot in school/work/whatever? Is your penis an inch long? Realize that not everyone playing video-games is some insecure moron like yourself who feels he's gonna die or his penis will ...

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So if I name myself heterosexualplayer, it'l piss you of? Would it get me banned? Despite what this person says: NOT LIKELY! Don't be stupid and think about what you are saying for two second. If that really is MS's motivation for banning the dude its a fairly obvious case of discrimination and should lead to a lawsuit, which I hope they lose.

Toulouse's conservative (read stupid) argument is weak considering the VAST amount of people with variations of TITS, FAKK, SEXADDCT, MOTH...

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I think its more realistic for GOW3 to be released in march than it is for KZ2 to be in feb. I hope so, as awesome as KZ2 looks I still want Kratos raping greek gods first.

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You are pretty much right, but as a REAL european (say wow!) I can say, and I think most europeans would agree with me here, that the ad is a bit too much.

Its incredibly fake anyway so it doesn't matter...

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Has anyone stopped to think about that poor guy?!?! I mean, he finally finds a purpose for his abnormal penis and all people do is point and laugh! Shame on you people, shame on you!

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How many of you pirate-haters are actually paying for your gaming needs? Don't be so quick to judge kiddies.

I WILL download this game, as it happens I'm one of those that can afford to pay for my games and do so on a regular basis. However, I bought Mass Effect for the xbox 360, it's a great game but it works like CRAP, so I'm gonna download it cus I feel Bioware basically ripped me of. Not even a fukn patch?! Well fakk you very much, don't expect me to pay twice. Downloading o...

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I didn't think it was possible, but Sony fanboys just got a little bit more pathetic. Unless you're fukn retarded you know these screens are fake. Maybe when you grow up and hopefully develop a d!ck you'll stop beeing so sad, until then, enjoy your power over N4g, its really awesome dorks.

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walk away in shame, and take Nero with you, please no more crying!

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All that proves is that you have a very small penis, and utterly bad taste. 57 inch tv... lol, white trash anyone?

EDIT:HAHAHAHA, I have one bubble. Oh well, enjoy your little power dorks, tomorrow people like me will be riding you in school/work whatever.

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If I hadn't bought my 360 before, this game would be the reason I'd buy it, just like I bought my ps3 with the hopes of one day ripping people apart kratos-style. Please, to anyone who doesn't like NG, take sigma or black, raise the difficulty level and take your time to master it, you'll find nothing more satisfying in video games. You are missing out.

Forget your sad little console war, and acknowledge an inevitably awesome game.

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You MORONS! Learn to play it and you'll appreciate it, you don't like it cus you suck at it, story has NOTHING to do with this games quality. If the story is indicative of a good game then the only really good game out there is mass effect, bc its basically the only game in existance that has a good story. You are like the people claiming DMC is button mashing, God of War is button mashing (awesome button mashing, I love it). DMC and NG, tho very different are more alike, extremely deep and d...

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wow, fanboys are sad.

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Ehh, its true? I thought it was some sick joke from soulcalibur/streetfighter fanboys... Omg, they just ruined mortal kombat.

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yeah because potentially losing a couple of thousand would-be AitD for the ps3 is totally worth sticking it to Sony... (that's sarcasm). And that's IF he left pissed of.

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actually yeah, I do have the stones. Sweden is where I'm from, and my internet connection is 100mbit, though it runs at 80/60 (down/up), anyway its a lot better than most other people have... D-oh? You just proved me right by the way.

And no, its not a character flaw, nor is it racism or nationalism (wanna see racism/nationalism? look at above comment made your fellow american), its scientific objectivity at its best, based on COUNTLESS empirical experiences online. Now, before y...

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My thoughts exactly

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It's because most people playing halo are from the US. Face it. Deny it all you want, but you know its the truth. You guys are simply incapable of handling the power of internet anonymity. I'm talking about the general picture here, so don't give me any "oh I never say anything and I'm a proud american".

Obvious tip of the day: get a ps3 and play cod4.

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let me move and shoot at the same time.

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