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Kinect is already pretty sickening. Everytime I hear the name, I throw up just a little more in my mouth. True story k

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I play MAG 2.0.

Left4dead in my view is overrated. MAG is the better franchise to me in every way. Valve could learn from zipper interactive. In fact, they are probably collabing right now: )

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I played modern warfare reflex in my friends house and got owned! I didn't do jack in that game and I could already see it was going to take me at least 24 hours to get decent with the wii game. My friend on the other hand was laughing at me as he did whatever he wanted using the wiimote.

So I have no empathy for scrubs who rage quit. Trust and believe the wii crowd is right at home with the move scheme. My friend isn't even a gamer. His rank in modern warfare reflex...

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The new In Game currency and skill tree that allows you to choose your own unlocks and perks is fckn awesome! They updated the graphics and it looks so clean now! They fixed the knife and people die now! MAG 2.0 is like a fckin sequel! I love this game.

Noobies, visit the menus and read the menus in training too.

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PS3 4 LYFE !!!

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And any other game that toybox has is old. $450 to play old laggy games? No thanks. I like Brand New Cutting Edge Tech. Make mine a PS3!


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We Want Demons Souls 2!!!

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When you have Demons Souls?


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I guess maybe I will have to trade a boatload of games to get it. Making some hard desicions... I want the Move now!

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Kinect Haz Momentum ?

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Xbox just doesn't care about what gamers want.
Not 1 xbox guy can tell you what game they are getting specifically for kinect that actually exist.

Go ahead. I dare you ask that question without laughinh out louder.

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Perfect for when you're in between games and jobs.

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The rest will have to sit on the sidelines and wait it out. Playstation 3 is a luxourious pastime hobby.

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I hope they bite. All you working people already know what to do but these kids who don't make their own money think life is a piece of pie LoL!

The price a game just to go online??? Haaa! Haaaa! You boys sure do. Want it all don't you? I can't wait to sell you some bottled beach air. You're my kind of demographic! : ) $$$$$$$$$

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Definatly not worth it if you are already a xboxlive user and use netflix and purchase microsoft points on top of your internet bills.

At least with PS Plus you actually save money on your Hobby. Wow! Thanks sony. Square enix you are straight up off your rocker. That's like charging me a quarter to fight online in tekken 6 or streetfighter.

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They made another Halo ?

Didn't halo wars and odst ruin the franchise?
I know little Kids who said they think halo is ghay already. I've seen video, its pretty plain and quite dull.

Maybe if microsoft hooks us up with some coupons or something for COD Black Ops. Vietnam Tunnel rats are way more interesting than... Whatever reach is. What is that anyway? Its quite cartoonish.

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Awww Man! I knOw a lot of former 360 boys from here who are Tight about this. I haven't posted in a while (been real busy) but I'm loving the playstation steamrolling the competition since MGS4. The word on the street is xbox360 is dead and stinking! Why? LoL ! For none other than having NO GAMES. Ha what a complete role reversal huh?

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he is multi-tasking.
i bet he is also working out a life plan while he is playing these videogames at the same time. he is sharpening a skill. he could surprise the world when he takes a gaming break to knock out a job interview, hook up with a girl, has his own apartment in a manner of 10 dedicated steps.

when you treat life like videogames, everything is a task/quest/mission to accomplish. he is 17. he is young. he still has plenty of chances/lives/continues le...

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nobody i know even talks about that anymore. its sooo hd-dvd dead.

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this is very interesting to me. i like how smoothly you can transition to multiple targets. i think the move is going to be a beast.

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