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U realsie this isnt how it will work , people had DK1 DK2 Oculus models before this final release version , gtx970 min spec didnt even exist back then , VR works on mobile phones , how do you think PS4 magically plays VR games and PCs need to be 2x more powerful for same thing ? This is another attempt of companies to lure uneducated on the matter to spend $$$$ that they dont need to really...

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The art on pages reminded me of Berserk a lot , sobbign again cuz were not getting Berserk game :(

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I see they havent removed the piss filter even afther awsome suggestions from fanbase , if mad max developers could do it and make it vibrat as movies why cant these guys

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If the game isnt buggy turd like Bf4 was on launch then its worth it , its not quantity its the quality that truly matters

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Assumed ? No they made decision based on history of how much people trashed SP of Bf3 and Bf4 and Hardline , and games really dont require beast connection , if u can download their 40gb games u probably have internet that can play muliplayer with stable ping . DICE as a team doesnt make good SP , fact , let them do what they do best .

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"Congrats KonaFUCK YOUJ" there , fixed it for you ;)

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They used to have brute force over Nvidia thats when I got my AMD card and I have no regrets it was better deal than Nvidias price equivalent . But those days are over I guess they cant afford to sell better cards for less anymore , wish some big company would just step into the game and become big player , Nvidia are just laughing at AMD now

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As someone with AMD gpu no , AMD doesnt even offer beefier cards for same price anymore they're selling rebradns 3rd graphical generation in a row and are making new cards only in new Fury price spectrum that costs and arm and leg ...

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The lack of single player repayed fully . They were never good at SP but are also gods of Mulitplayer when its not buggy , I fully suport this.

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Wow this is like supercharged Vanishing of Ethan Carter

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yeah but its seems to work like shit on everyones PC , its not like , ok its optimized for Nvidia and not AMD , its not optimized for anything PC wise

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How come ? GTA V is amazing port , WItcher 3 is now patched and has better graphics and is amazing port preformance wise , only PC port that comes to mind that was bad is Mortal Kombat X , and ding ding ding its also WB game , it looks like WB is cheaping out on their PC ports , dotn ignore good developers out there

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As a PC gamer , take a look at PC preformance threads. It seems that Witcher 3 is only GameWorks game that is well optimized . My card is r9 270 ( i knwo its not high end at all ) but it runs Witcher 3 on 30fps cap on Ultra except grass render distance on Medium ,even textures are on ultra on 2gb card , also HBAO+ , and that same card isnt even supported in min spec for this game , like , wtf

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@x_RadicalAura_x its WB shit port is to be expected , guess I'll go back to Witcher 3 with ReShade and SweetFX and 1.06 patch that improved textures and HBAO+ that added missing shadows form the trailers grass ;) and all the other stuff that PC version has

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incompetent programmers who cant optimize , guys ... incompetent programmers who cant optimize

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Same way Bloodborne was doomed to be PS4 exclusive , gosh the fanboyism on this site , this is coming from PC gamer who doesnt have PS4 nor XBONE

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I paid my r9 270 that much , its not a deal , its a fucking steal for that money lol

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There was a very similar quest in the gameplay video AngryJoe posted , maybe it is this quest or a very similar one

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I see what you did there

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Horses destroying streetlamps in their way lol

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