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The article is all about the new things they're adding...

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This WAS catastrophic they got pulled from Sony store. That has never happened. among many other failures. And when the game first got announced and development was underway it was being built for current Gen and next Gen was far away at that point. So it should have been tailor made for current Gen.

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You’d think right?
Looks like they’re ambition is outpacing their wisdom.
By a lot.

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Sometimes those who try to be the good guys ultimately find out that they are just like the bad guys. Money corrupts most people so it's not like they are anything different. What do Polish gamers and developers think about everything that went down?

I'd say it's hard to judge because its easy, and human nature, to fall for riches and fame.

That said I think you can be a successful company that is consumer friendly and be on the stock ma...

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Didn't know the Polish Govt was pressuring etc. maybe that was part of the reason they released so early, earlier than they wanted to? I know the govt was an investor. Who knows what really want down behind the scenes. I still feel they are too smart a company to make such a dumb mistake. There must have been a lot of issues going on behind the scenes that most people are completely unaware of.

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well you must have loved it to put 300 hours into it. Win for you.

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How could such a smart company that was a fan favorite, make such an impossibly dumb decision? Still don't get how this was allowed to go down this way.

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Is there an adult version of this site where people don't fight about which manufacturer they prefer?

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I don't think a lot of people on the internet care about being accurate or exercise caution about much Lol
Crow is a staple of their diet.

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Not sure I'm getting the point of the Series S

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Good point, it's looking a little tough for Microsoft right now. Not sure how/why they let some of their exclusives fizzle out.
I loved Halo, that was a system seller when it came out, how can you not capitalize on that universe? Their other exclusives seem to be doing ok like Gears, Forza, but don't seem to me to be getting the same amount of attention or media as the sony exclusives, Spider Man, Last of us, God of War

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Well at least we still have waiting for water to boil, waiting for toast, waiting in checkout lines at the grocery, the DMV, 👍🏽

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the only issue that jumps out to me is the color, will black be available? White doesn't look good covered in cheeto dust.

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That was the first thing they disabled.

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Uh the realistic mods I’m seeing nowadays don’t look like diminishing returns bud. And are you gonna purchase cyberpunk with “slightly” better lighting on ps5 or chugging away at 25 FPS on ps4?? You can’t say we’re at the point of diminishing returns yet because consoles are still struggling to keep up barely achieving 30 FPS. That’s a lack of imagination for what is possible with higher power. The Ai of today have the same complexity as the Ai in the original Halo. Halo!! There is a lot ...

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Nope this January everything changes, 🙄
A better title would be, “Are reviews losing their importance in the game industry”
And the answer is: the people that value their money will always be willing to do a little research on whether they want to buy a game and reviews help them to do that.

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What’s the the point of getting this? It’s a mostly multiplayer game, that nobody is playing 🤷🏽‍♂️

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What pc garbage? And the series started on pc so not sure what that means ?

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I agree somewhat with the “I have a plan” repetitiveness they did hammer that in a bit much but there’s were other things in the story that I can’t reveal that I had never experienced before in a game. In those moments it elevated the game to a level narratively that I hadn’t experienced before. So I don’t totally agree with your criticism if the narrative, since it was a leap beyond the norm. Also so many people criticize writing in games but the thing is everyone has wildly different tas...

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